Abigail Weaver

Yusha Ahsan, Co-Opinions Editor

Abigail Weaver is a diligent and involved junior who is passionate about helping and educating others about the environment. Creating and leading the Forces of Nature Club, which aims to improve the environment, helps her to do just that. 

Currently, the club is working on recycling throughout the school but will soon begin a gardening portion. Weaver enjoys the feeling of authority and satisfaction that comes from leading something. She explains that making the environment a better place is going to be a significant part of her future career.

“I want to help the environment, probably through a business, or something that can be national and help not only locally but other areas,” Weaver said.

She loves being involved in a variety of extracurriculars, being an active member of FFA, NHS, Spanish Honor Society, NEHS, Just Think First, Mu Alpha and Junior Marshal.  

Outside of school, she plays the piano as well as golf, which she picked up the summer of her freshman year.

What I enjoy most [about golf] is the satisfaction of a good shot and [being able] to play with my friends,” Weaver said. “Piano is also really therapeutic and relieves the stress from my homework.”