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Wakefield womens golf poses for a picture at the Wakefield Country Club. Player Terra Schmitt recently won Jersey Mikes player of the week.

Wakefield women’s golf team putts in the work for success

Yusha Ahsan and Camryn Ledwith October 3, 2022

As the 2022 fall sports season progresses at Wakefield High School, the women’s golf team is looking forward to upcoming opportunities and is determined to put forth their best effort to succeed. Each...

TAKISHA HENRY, Special Programs

TAKISHA HENRY, Special Programs

Nara Hamburger, Staff Writer September 22, 2022

Q: How did you get into teaching? A: Once I graduated from college I saw there was an after school program for youth. I enjoy working with the kids so I applied to work in the school system as a teacher...

LEON PARKER, Special Programs

LEON PARKER, Special Programs

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer September 21, 2022

Q: What is your job here? A: [I am an] instructional assistant. Q: How did you get into this? A: I worked in different fields before education and it led me over to education. [I worked in] mental...

SARA BETH McLAMB, Agriculture

SARA BETH McLAMB, Agriculture

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer September 10, 2022

Q: What is your job here? A: I am an agriculture teacher and I teach sustainable agriculture and horticulture.  Q: What is your favorite part of teaching? A: I really like helping others learn...

Lauren Rochelle

Lauren Rochelle

Lauren Rochelle, Opinions Editor June 1, 2022

After one and a half years “out” of school, the long awaited, in-person senior year came to a start. Expecting a clear path of nothingness all year – I look back in amazement at how much I’ve accomplished,...

The seniors of the mens lacrosse team uplift and encourage the underclassmen around them.

Men’s lacrosse team leaves behind motivational legacy

Lauren Rochelle and Maya Johnson May 5, 2022

Although the past three years have been far from normal, the seniors of the Wakefield High School men’s lacrosse team have shown continued persistence as they strive to work hard through the season in...

Players wait with anticipation to see who the ball will hurtle towards next.

Women’s soccer players pursue citizenship and goals

Yusha Ahsan and Kendall Wilson April 27, 2022

As the 2022 women’s soccer season plays out, many of the determined players work hard to improve their skills. This way, they will be able to keep the season going strong, with all the challenges...

Four people perform on stage at a Christmas themed play.

Unique opportunities in high school prepare students for the future

Yusha Ahsan, Staff Writer November 30, 2021

High school offers a variety of different classes and clubs that make it a unique time for students. At Wakefield High School (WHS), this spans anywhere from joining yearbook to participating in pride...

Schools attended by the featured college athletes.

Former WHS Athletes Give Wisdom to Quarantined Players

Jasanee Killins, Staff Writer May 21, 2020

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, one of its common setbacks has been the recent loss of numerous sports conferences and events. This unprecedented global lockdown has cost many student-athletes,...

The Science Olympiad team gathers for a photo before their competition

Science Olympiad strikes a win at competition

Sienna Stock, News Editor March 11, 2020

Science Olympiad is an organization that promotes 8,000 teams across the US and holds 450 tournaments annually. Wakefield brought home 13 medals with the outcome of its most recent competition. Wakefield’s...

Wakefield High School was established in 2000 and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020.

Wakefield turns 20!

Abigail Mosher, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 5, 2020

With 2020 on the horizon, staff and students of Wakefield High School eagerly anticipate the school’s 20th birthday.  In the beginning… The Wakefield building was opened in 1999, but it was...

Dance students pose for a photo in their Wakefield jackets.

Winter concert for student dancers is ready to take off

Megan Simrell, Staff Writer January 7, 2020

Every year Wakefield's dancers put on a winter concert where they showcase the dances they have been choreographing and practicing for the past few weeks. Each of the three dance classes will be putting...

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