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COVID changed everyone, whether thats for the better or worse.

Did quarantine leave us better off?

Nico Lopez, Student Life Editor October 20, 2021

In March of 2020, we were all forced to social distance and avoid congregating at all costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While at first people were upset, eventually they acquired an opportunity they’d...

Sofia Colvin, a freshman at Wakefield High, displays her trophies from dance competitions.

Students develop new skills due to quarantine

Yusha Ahsan, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

Time in quarantine gave some students at Wakefield High School (WHS) the opportunity to acquire new skills and hobbies. This ranges anywhere from picking up new art skills to getting a chance to develop...

Foreign exchange student Gema Navarro from Spain

Foreign exchange students learn to call Wakefield home

Kyle Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 13, 2018

Take in the sensation of being wrapped in a cocoon of familiarity. Paint the kaleidoscopic picture of cities, lights, and sounds of people who reek of similar functions. You are a flying bird who sings...

Underclassmen Outreach

Underclassmen Outreach

Yasmin Rosa and Ryanne Howard May 4, 2018

  Jaquelyn Lustgarten, Junior Wakefield has prepared me for the future by forming me into a stronger individual. Since I am apart of SGA as class president, I have learned many valuable skills,...

Senior Byrd Burke enjoys monkeying around on Spring Break in Cancun.

Fun under the sun

Adeola Owokoniran, News Editor April 30, 2018

Ah, spring break; a wonderful, freeing time where students all across the world travel, have fun, and relax. This much-needed vacation is a break from the stress of school. Students can meet up with old...

FCCLA celebrates all their gold medals won at the State Star Events in Greensboro.

FCCLA takes states to another level

Whitney Gaudet, Features Editor April 27, 2018
"The competitions allow different members to give others ideas and encourage one another." ~Ms. Flanagan
Isabela Mercer on Tacky Tourist Thursday

Spirit Week brings spring fever

Yasmin Rosa and Isabela Mercer April 20, 2018

  A whirlwind of immense happiness swirls in the Wakefield halls as students contemplate their wardrobe for spirit week. Each day is categorized with an atypical themed outfit. Students...

Alana Tran for Decorative Painting

The women of National Art Honor Society showcase talent

Whitney Gaudet, Features Editor March 27, 2018
“I learn just as much from them and their creativity and their ideas as they do from me so it’s really a beautiful kind of give and take." ~Valentino
Howler Teacher Advice Column

Howler Teacher Advice Column

Yasmin Rosa and Ryanne Howard March 9, 2018

Mrs. Schug, Science To achieve an A in my class it is important for you to take responsibility for your learning. There is so much material, and teachers can never cover it all. Please remember reading...

Jordan Gore

Underclassmen Outreach: How can you make Wakefield better?

Ryanne Howard and Yasmin Rosa January 31, 2018

Jordan Gore, Guest Writer, Freshman I believe I can make Wakefield a better place by improving myself. Making sure that I’m nicer to people will increase other's attitude and improve the school. If...

Michael Cruz

Why freshmen deserve more respect

Ryanne Howard and Yasmin Rosa December 18, 2017

Michael Cruz, Guest Writer, Freshman Being a freshman is a great experience. There are some setbacks though like all the other grades make fun of your grade level. My advice is to ignore mean upperclassmen...

A Juul Device (right) and a Juulpod (center) look undetectable on an average students notebook.

Juuls entice younger audiences

Chase Cofield and Jake Whitehead December 5, 2017

For decades, studies from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services show adolescents have been habitually smoking tobacco daily. The same study showed that the daily use of cigarettes by adolescents...

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