Kaitlyn Rochelle

Tristan Lempka, Staff Writer

 Kaitlyn Rochelle is a student of many interests. She discussed some of these interests along with her favorite teacher, Ms. George, who helped foster some of these passions.

“I think she recommended me because I try my hardest in her class and I think she notices that I spent a lot of time with her during lunch and after school to make sure that I’m doing my best to get a good grade and increase test and quiz scores.”

Rochelle credits her relationship with Ms. George for fostering her love of a subject she didn’t have an interest in before. 

“I had her for Honors Chemistry and I have her for AP Chemistry,” said Rochelle. “So, I’ve spent a lot of time with Ms. George. She is definitely my favorite teacher and I never really liked chemistry until I had it with her and I really did love it.”