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The 2024 Youth Climate Summit takes place this Monday, February 19.  Students will collaborate on initiatives to solve the climate crisis.
Wakefield seniors develop climate action plans
Hannah Kilian, Co-Opinions Editor • February 16, 2024

As the spring semester kicks off, many seniors look to leave a lasting mark on Wakefield’s community. One student-led club in particular is...

Non-consensual pelvic exams performed by medical staff arent ethical and violate patients rights to autonomy. Educating future physicians is essential but not as important as maintaining the trust between doctors and patients.
Non-consensual pelvic exams in surgery demand urgent attention
Jordan McIntyre, Co-Opinions Editor • February 22, 2024

Due to outdated legislation, patients have woken up from surgery after unknowingly becoming victims of non-consensual pelvic exams. Pelvic exams...

Depression is minimally understood due to the vast appearances it can have. As it continues to be a growing epidemic in our youngest generations, its time to educate ourselves on the harmful misconceptions surrounding this disorder.
The invisible illness
Kendall Wilson, Co-Copy Editor • February 1, 2024
Wakefields men wrestlers pose for a photo after working hard in a match. The dedication by this close-knit team powers their achievements. (Photo Courtesy of Tim Meyer)
Wakefield wrestling reflects on a season of dedication and challenge
Caroline Rhoad, Sports Photography Editor • February 15, 2024

This winter, Wakefield High School’s wrestling teams gave it their all. Persevering through challenges, each player performed to their best...

Adidas makes a comeback in 2024 fashion. These are the Adidas Campus ST, popular among several fashion trends.
(Photo Courtesy of Richard IJzermans)
Adidas succeeds in modern fashion
Katie Spampinato, News Editor • February 27, 2024

Since its creation in the late 1940s, Adidas has been one of the leading sneaker brands in the fashion world. The signature three stripes of...

In light of insensitive jokes made by Golden Globe Awards host Jo Koy, conflict regarding the esteemed Barbie movie sparks. Conflict expands due to lack of recognition for leading actress and producer of the film, both of whom are female.
Controversy strikes surrounding the Barbie movie
Catherine Marley, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor • February 16, 2024
Just in time for Valentines Day
Just in time for Valentine's Day
Maya Schindler, Multimedia Editor • February 13, 2024
Students complete assignments on their computers. After the pandemic, classrooms across Wake County made the shift from paper work to online documents and articles.
Education’s technological revolution
Levi Holland, Photography Editor • February 26, 2024

For decades, schools have strived to educate the youth to the best of their ability. Around the turn of the 20th century, school became a mandatory...

After competing at regionals, the Science Olympiad team poses for a photo with their trophy.The team celebrates their achievements and hard work after placing seventh overall.
Science Olympiad team places in regional competition
Nara Hamburger, Student Life Editor • February 22, 2024
Students can access their Blackboard dashboard once enrolled in CCP classes at Wake Tech. This is where they will find everything they need to succeed in their courses.
AP vs. CCP: which is a better fit for you?
Faith Abernathy, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor • February 21, 2024
Ms. Deaton, Wakefield High Schools media specialist, is hosting a Kahoot for Valentines Day. It is filled with literary novels and authors with film adaptations.
Library Event: Epic Romance Kahoot
Kayla Allen, Staff writer • February 13, 2024
A Wakefield student looks over his AP US History notes to prepare for his last test before break. Juniors rush to turn in missing assignments before the end of the semester.
Wakefield talks junioritis
Katie Spampinato, News Editor • February 7, 2024
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