The Howler

Students in Furches’ third-period class are captivated by the lesson. Every day, her Spanish students learn more and more from Furches, a teacher whom they find both inspirational and encouraging.
Furches travels and inspires
Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor • November 28, 2022
The Skinny Turkey event brings together the Wakefield community as they advocate for mental health awareness in 2022.
The Skinny Turkey Event engages Wakefield students, community
Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor • November 21, 2022
Wakefield community members may vote at Wakefield Middle School.  In this election, youths have a lot to say.
Wakefield youths impact local elections
Max Rubino, Photography and Graphics Editor • November 8, 2022
Wakefields swimmers prepare to dive into the pool at the first meet of the season. The Triangle Aquatics Centers pool provides an uplifting and encouraging environment for all four teams in attendance.
Wakefield swimmers start off the season strong
Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor • November 16, 2022
Wakefield gymnastics prep for their match in Apex against Wake County schools. The team hopes to win with their new coach and go to states.
Coach DeVeau invigorates Wakefield's gymnasts
Jami Ward and Mille Monahan, Staff Writer and Co-Opinions Editor • October 17, 2022
Staff graphic by Gaby Sciaudone
Large class sizes negatively impact students
Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor • November 17, 2022
No Roe restricts our rights
No Roe restricts our rights
Millie Monahan, Opinions Editor • November 16, 2022
There are numerous groups of people who are not able to use a gendered bathroom. Theres an easy solution: making gender-neutral bathrooms more available.
The necessity of gender neutral restrooms
Nic Cazin, Co-Editor-in-Chief • November 1, 2022
States that have ratified the ERA
America, it's time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment
Abby Dykes, Social Media and News Co-Editor • October 19, 2022
The FX anthology series, American Horror Story has, since 2011, released 11 seasons, and isnt stopping anytime soon. Here is my ranking of the AHS seasons, and whether you should binge a season, or skip it completely.
All the "American Horror Story" seasons, ranked
Kendall Wilson, Student Life Editor • November 29, 2022
 Kanye West raises controversies. Most recently his antics suggest issues with mental health.
All eyes on Ye
Camryn Ledwith, Staff Writer • November 14, 2022
Have you ever gone to the store and saw that their Halloween baked goods are too expensive? Well, now you can make your own simple ones for friend or family gatherings.
Five on-budget Halloween treats to make
Max Rubino, Photography and Graphics Editor • October 31, 2022
Wakefields first Winter Wonderland performance is bound to wow all of the community as the holiday months get closer every day!
Wakefield’s Winter Wonderland is coming to town
Millie Monahan, Opinions Editor • November 30, 2022