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The Voice of Wakefield High School

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The Voice of Wakefield High School

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The Wakefield sports medicine team poses for a photo after being awarded the Safe Sports School Award. The award recognizes the hard work the students have put into the program.

Sports medicine team receives the Safe Sports School Award

Nara Hamburger, Student Life Editor April 30, 2024

Students at Wakefield High School are given the special opportunity to obtain first-hand athletic medical experience both on and off the field. This year, Wakefield received the Safe Sports School Award...

This November, many high school students will be able to vote for the first time, but deciding between candidates can be surprisingly complicated.

High school students decide who to support in NC Governor’s race

Hannah Kilian and Seth Steiner April 26, 2024

As media coverage of local elections increases and each party works to garner support for their candidate, it is incredibly important for high school students to take an active role in local politics....

TikTok, an immensely popular social media app, is being investigated by the U.S. government due to national security concerns. This has raised questions among U.S. citizens who rely on the platform for income.

How a potential TikTok ban will affect creators, the public

Kendall Wilson, Co-Copy Editor April 15, 2024

On Wednesday, March 13, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill by a vote of 352 to 65 that could possibly lead to the banning of the popular social media app, TikTok, in America. The feasibility...

In an article ranking the top metros for women in STEM, the Raleigh-Cary area was ranked second in the nation.

Raleigh-Cary area ranks second in the nation for women in STEM

Faith Abernathy, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor April 5, 2024

On Feb. 21, CoworkingCafe released an article highlighting the new ranking of top U.S. metros for women in the tech and science industry. The Raleigh-Cary area was ranked second in the nation, with 29...

Social media influences teenage culture each and every day. Were constantly copying trends and not paying attention to the consequences.

Social trends influencing teenage culture

Lana Harrison, Staff Writer March 14, 2024

From TikTok challenges to Instagram aesthetics, social trends hold immense influence over teenagers' choices, ranging from social culture to purchasing decisions. Social media has quickly risen to the...

The 2024 Youth Climate Summit takes place this Monday, February 19.  Students will collaborate on initiatives to solve the climate crisis.

Wakefield seniors develop climate action plans

Hannah Kilian, Co-Opinions Editor February 16, 2024

As the spring semester kicks off, many seniors look to leave a lasting mark on Wakefield’s community. One student-led club in particular is impacting beyond Wakefield High School. Forces of Nature is...

Chris Hedrick is an assistant teacher for the extended content standards (ECS) program. He was the winner of the recent Teacher Assistant of the Year! Linda Tant is an assistant teacher who also won assistant teacher of the year!

Wakefield’s Assistant Teachers of the Year make a positive impact

Tenley Robinson, Staff Writer February 8, 2024

Assistant teachers have a vital job: they assist teachers who might need help at any given moment. Whether it is helping students with classwork, getting materials and needs for the classroom, keeping...

Wakefield has announced 2023s Beginning Teacher of the Year Award recipients. Caroline Jones and Christina Avellenda have already positively impacted their students and look forward to their teaching journey.

Meet Wakefield’s beginning teachers of the year 2023

Jordan McIntyre, Co-Opinioins Editor February 5, 2024

Students will never forget a teacher who influenced them both inside and outside of school. Caroline Jones and Christian Avellenda, both first-year teachers, have dedicated themselves to making a positive...

Sarah Dudley earns Wakefield’s Teacher of the Year through dedication, relationships

Nic Cazin and Katie Spampinato February 2, 2024

Since 2013, the competition for North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year has recognized teachers from across the state, each one highly dedicated to their profession and impact on their students’ lives....

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, students felt a severe lack of motivation both in the classroom and out. Not only did test scores and grades see a noticeable down tick, mental health problems saw a huge rise. (Photo Courtesy of Randen Pederson)

COVID-19 impacts on academic performance are beginning to show

Lana Harrison, Staff Writer December 7, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of things have changed in our lives, such as how we view time spent with family. Teens, because of the pandemic, now struggle with more anxiety and awkwardness towards...

Sam Kuhlemeier works quietly in class while her teacher is away administering the Practice ACT. Kuhlemeier uses the free period to catch up on Chemistry homework.

Four-day school weeks: a possible solution to teacher retention

Katie Spampinato, News Editor December 4, 2023

As schools across the nation grapple with teacher shortages, one solution being explored is a four-day school week. With 900 school districts operating on a shortened week, working educators, administrators...

As leaves turn yellow, runners and bikers flock to the Falls of Neuse trail to enjoy the beautiful scenery; but with recent crime reports, trail users should proceed with caution.

Crime at the Falls of Neuse trail: how local students can stay safe

Hannah Kilian, Co-Opinions Editor November 14, 2023

Just down the street from Wakefield High School lies a 34-mile-long, heavily wooded, paved greenway: the Falls of Neuse trail. This beautiful path provides a great place for students and Wakefield residents...

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