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Students in Furches’ third-period class are captivated by the lesson. Every day, her Spanish students learn more and more from Furches, a teacher whom they find both inspirational and encouraging.

Furches travels and inspires

Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor November 28, 2022

Annie Furches is one of the most experienced Spanish teachers Wakefield has ever seen. As someone who has traveled to countless countries and witnessed many different cultures, Furches is able to use her...

The Skinny Turkey event brings together the Wakefield community as they advocate for mental health awareness in 2022.

The Skinny Turkey Event engages Wakefield students, community

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 21, 2022

12 years ago, Wakefield High School experienced multiple student deaths that were alcohol and drug-related. Concerned parties at the school decided to take action to support students in this time of struggle....

Maggie Kane, pictured right, smiles with a volunteer at A Place at the Table cafe in downtown Raleigh.

Meet Maggie Kane: WHS alumna and founder of Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe

Emily Dudash, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2022

Nearly seven years ago, on her 25th birthday, Wakefield High School alumna Maggie Kane anxiously sat in the waiting room at the Secretary of State office in downtown Raleigh. For Kane, months of intensive...

Atkinson has a reputation of providing his students with engaging history classes. Two classes he teaches this semester are AP Government and AP United States History.

Atkinson’s historical roots go deep in NC

Tristan Lempka, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

Some teachers leave a big impact on their students and help lead them to accomplish their goals. Lance Atkinson, a history teacher at Wakefield High School, is no exception. He has experienced a unique...

Wakefield community members may vote at Wakefield Middle School.  In this election, youths have a lot to say.

Wakefield youths impact local elections

Max Rubino, Photography and Graphics Editor November 8, 2022

Voting is a democratic process that dates back to 1776 when only white men over 21 could participate. Now it is 2022 and the voting process has expanded providing people 18 and older with the opportunity...

The North Carolina Teens for Abortion Access organization is seeking to bring awareness to the rising issue of abortion access.

NC teens organize after repeal of Roe

Jordan McIntyre, Co-News Editor November 3, 2022

Teenage women are hungry for a change in government, a change that only increased after the Supreme Court's rulings this summer. On June 24, 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned, making it legal for states...

Science teacher Eric Schacht uses the Promethean board to display presentations during class. The size and display of the board makes it possible for students all around the classroom to view the lecture.

New Promethean Boards invigorate Wakefield teaching, learning

Danielle Kirschner, Staff Writer October 27, 2022

During the first week of October, new Promethean Technology Boards were distributed throughout Wakefield. The interactive boards are large, TV-like pieces of technology. Classroom teachers and students...

Members of the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) outside the United States Embassy in Kyiv.

Ukrainian students discuss impact of war

Though attempted, the spirit of the Ukrainian people remains unbroken. Millions of citizens in Ukraine were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring and allied countries. Despite this,...

Safe traveling alternatives benefit animals and humans alike.

Wildlife crossings provide safer travels for animals

Millie Monahan, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

Although devastating, thousands of wild animals have their lives taken due to vehicles every year. There are rarely places for them to safely cross, and sadly, a poorly timed crossing can be fatal. Jesse...

Voters aged 18-25 represent nearly 15% of the US population, yet only half of them are registered to vote.

Politicians, teachers encourage new generation of voters as primary elections occur

Emily Dudash, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

For over a century, states have participated in primary elections in order to determine which candidates will be on the ballot for the midterm elections set to take place in the fall. Though they are often...

A group of scientists participating in the 5th Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics in 1927. Often noted as the most intelligent photo ever,  Marie Curie (front row, third from left) is the only woman amongst the 29 participants.

Girls can do it… right?

Emily Dudash, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

It was International Women’s Day, and Nicole Sturgill, a vice president and technology analyst at Gartner, found herself checking her email, only to find an inbox filled with staggering low numbers representing...

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