Isabella Hoffman

Jami Ward, Staff Writer

For some students, sports are their favorite pastime. Others enjoy the performing arts or reading. For Isabella Hoffman, a sophomore at Wakefield High School, the band and orchestra program is the perfect creative outlet. Whether it’s perfecting her craft, the violin, or building relationships with other classmates, Hoffman is certain that playing the violin has had an impact on her.

Hoffman began playing in fifth grade then joined her school’s orchestra class in sixth grade.

“I started taking private lessons in fifth grade and I didn’t like that. I tried playing sports, not my thing,” said Hoffman. “But then, my parents convinced me to join orchestra.”

Hoffman has hopes in the future to be able to play beyond Wakefield.

“Right now we’re working on going to MBA, which is a music festival for band and orchestra.” said Hoffman, “We haven’t been able to do too much because of Covid in the past.”

Hoffman also appreciates the relationships she has built through playing the violin.

“But the biggest thing I enjoy is the environment of the classroom and you get so close with the people, and that’s super fun,” said Hoffman. “It’s definitely had a big impact on me. “