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Pathos in advertising: St. Judes and ASPCA

Pathos in advertising: St. Judes and ASPCA
Erin Sockolof, Opinions Editor December 3, 2020

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) commercials are something we all know of. They show sad, abused and scared animals in dirty cages. They play melancholy music and ask...

Take action now to end detention camps in China

Muslims in some areas of China face brutal conditions.
Erin Sockolof, Opinions Editor December 2, 2020

China is the home of over 11 million Uighur Muslims. Unfortunately, Chinese officials are trying to reduce that number using some very drastic measures. A secret communist party in China recently released...

Red Bull: it’s time to change your demographic

A red bull represents the popular energy drink brand. These substances at large are known for their cardiovascular effects. Graphic by Sage Cooley.
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2020

Saturday afternoon, while I had Spotify open on my desktop, an advertisement caught my attention. It was a conversation between two college students. One of them asked the other about her progress on a...

Confederate flags are for losers

You might be without a flag now, but don’t worry because I have compiled a list of cool, historical flags that you can fly.
Chris Ottaviano, Sports Editor November 5, 2020

The topic of confederate flags has always been a divisive issue. People who advocate for the flag believe that it symbolizes pride in their country and the South, but this is not the case. The confederate...

Equality isn’t enough

On the left, 3 people stand on an equal amount of crates looking over a fence to watch a baseball game but the shortest one can't see. On the right, there is equity because each person has the number of crates they need to see.
Daijah DeForge, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 29, 2020

Equality has been a goal for centuries for many minority groups. Whether it comes from the patriarchy, racist systems, ableist ideas, etc. people are still fighting the war for equality. Now don’t get...

‘When there are nine’: remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Nine future women make their way to the Supreme Court as people like Ruther Bader Ginsburg leverage the law to enforce gender equality.
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2020
Through her story we learn lessons of love, resilience, hard work and intention. Lessons that the next generation should glean as all of us, rather than one individual, fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat. 

Seniors: goodbye and thank you

Seniors: goodbye and thank you
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief June 5, 2020

I am not a senior, but I still want to say goodbye. I wanted to say goodbye last year, when our departing staff members wrote their farewells. I suppose I did, but not in the form of prose. I watched them...

How’s the planet doing during quarantine?

Kaylee Jacobs
Kaylee Jacobs, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 28, 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has had surprising effects on the global environment. Between reduced pollution and the return of animal species in typically crowded urban areas, mother nature is using this time...

When Coronavirus requires pastimes all the time

When Coronavirus requires pastimes all the time
Tatyiana Davis, Opinions and Multimedia Editor May 12, 2020

Right now, during quarantine, it’s the new norm to be agonizingly bored; therefore many often find themselves questioning how they can fill the time. Hobbies are a routine activity done for enjoyment,...

The pandemic that changed high school

A student struggles to focus on online assignments and grades.
Daijah DeForge, Sports Editor May 11, 2020

Coronavirus. The pandemic that demolished any sense of normalcy in 2020. Many schools have taken action against its spread by closing their doors. This has changed everything for high school students...

Saturday Night Live At-Home: why isolation does not mean indolence

Sage Cooley
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2020

At a time like this, my relationship with journalism feels especially rife with responsibility. What I publish here is a reflection of my place in history -- the importance of that place right now, of...

First to the finish line and no reward

A student is frustrated with math equations on a chalkboard.
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2020

1987: the year that the cult classic film “Dirty Dancing” made its way to the big screen. But the fun had already begun, at least for the 60,000 teenagers who took the AP Calculus exam a few months...

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