William Etters

Danielle Kirschner, Staff Writer

Ever since William Etters was young, he has loved to stay active. The first activity Etters truly fell in love with was rock climbing, and it’s all thanks to his father. 

¨My dad used to take me to the top of my old neighborhood every week and I would climb on the boulders.,” Etters said, “since then I have kept climbing whenever I can.¨ 

Although the peace and intensity of climbing is quite enjoyable, Etters relishes also spending this time with his friends. Throughout the years, rock climbing has become a more consistent form of not only exercise but also alone time for Etters. 

¨Whenever I go with friends it’s just a fun thing to do with everyone,¨  Etters said. ¨But when I go by myself it is one of the few things I can sit there and be focused the whole time; it makes me not want to do anything else.¨

Rock climbing keeps Etters in peak shape, having to use his core and upper body muscles. Even though the soreness from after the climb may almost be unbearable, Etters always comes back to climb.  

¨Rock climbing takes grit and determination because when you are climbing you feel a lot of pain, especially the higher you go,¨ Etters said. ¨At the end, you are barely able to get there. So every time you get to the top you always feel achieved.¨