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Wake County parts with valedictorians, welcomes Latin system

Wakefield's last valedictorian, Garrett Dixon, stays diligent through his final days of high school.
Anthony Howard, Social Media Editor May 30, 2018

A Wake County decision will conclude the valedictorian system within several North Carolina public schools, leaving the 2018 senior class to carry out this tradition for the last time. Parents and students...

The fight against senioritis

Senior Ke'Shondra Montague tries to complete her work in the final days of her senior year.
Ryanne Howard and Anaum Salman May 29, 2018
“Think of it this way: this is your last year- the last year you have to deal with crazy teachers or administration, but also the last year that you get to see your friends. Make sure it’s a good year,” Owoh said.

Wakefield’s valedictorian and salutatorian prepare for their grand finale

Alec Ashforth and Robert Herhold know that it's always about the W.
Paige Schepperley, Staff Writer May 24, 2017
“The best advice I can give to anyone is to be yourself and to not be afraid to challenge yourself,” Herhold said. “ I was kind of the math and computer nerd that listened to heavy metal music, but look where it has gotten me.”

Seniors give back with years of commitment to honor societies and clubs

Emily Callahan
Isabelle Kozubowski, Staff Writer May 24, 2017
Wakefield takes pride in its great range of clubs and honor societies, some of the clubs’ advisors wrote some short goodbyes to remember these seniors and their work in the clubs.

Administrators, counselors and teachers congratulate seniors

Science Teacher David Guy
Chinma Ngumoha and Ann Chen, Staff Writers May 24, 2017
Do not believe the argument: “The end justifies the means.” This argument is false. The “end” never is the actual end. The current “end” will affect the future forever. The “means”, how you achieve your goals, are the “end.” How you live, not what you achieve, will be the measure of the quality of your life. ~Guy

High school has the potential to change your life

Seniors with posters in hand show Wolverine pride.
Joseph Ortiz, Website Editor May 24, 2017
Students can be in for a wild ride when starting high school and before they know it, they are already walking across that stage to receive that folded certificate, signifying that they have successfully completed their four-year adventure.

How to make it through your freshmen year of college

Jillian Kerzner
Katelyn Sajewicz and Isabella Petruccione May 24, 2017

As graduation quickly approaches the Class of 2017, excitement is at an all-time high. The senior class will walk the halls of Wakefield for one last time before beginning their journey into the independence...

Seniors cast their wisdom to the underclassmen

Riley Griffen, Nick Trusch, Samantha Collins, and Ethan Jorge don't hesitate to enjoy their last moments of high school.
Morgan DeHart, Staff Writer May 24, 2017
"Just be yourself" ~Ethan Jorge

Howler staffers bid Wakefield adieu

Howler seniors Jacob Franks, Christina Rascoe, Emma Taurence, Brendan Fusik, Michael Magnuson, Rebecca Fiely, Emily Callahan, Bryn Goldsmith, Emma Finn, Khaki McCrabb and Sophie Pearl spend a few moments together reflecting on their years in high school.
May 23, 2017

Emily Callahan, Co-Editor-in-Chief “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” –Henry David Thoreau I remember the first time I walked into Wakefield...

Class of 2016 College Choices

Class of 2016 College Choices
May 31, 2016

Appalachian State University Carroll, Ashlyn Dempsey, Megan Hagarty, Addison Jacobs, Kaylee Lemus, Belky Little, Kennedy Bard College Berlin Grasso, John Brevard...

Seniors create lasting memories at Wakefield

Seniors celebrate the talent of their peers at the senior talent show.
Manuela Vega, Opinions Editor May 31, 2016

This June will be the end and the beginning of an era for the class of 2016. With the close of a high school career comes time to reflect on the experiences that have made up the last four years. Seniors...

Wakefield clubs recognize their outstanding seniors

Katelyn Sajewicz and Francesca Scarrone May 31, 2016

The talent of Wakefield students is hard to deny.  From athletes to scholars to artists of every sort, we have a lot to brag about.   The Howler asked honor society advisors to select outstanding students...

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