Za’hmya Sanders

Learn more about how Za’hmya Sanders became the talented woman she is today.

Jordan McIntyre, News Editor

From shopping and watching Harry Potter to starring in ballet roles Za’hmya Sanders is nothing less than extraordinary.

Sanders is a senior at Wakefield and started ballet when she was just four years old. Through her hard work and diligent work ethic, Sanders got the amazing opportunity to dance professionally across the sea, but it wasn’t easy. 

“There’s a lot of stereotypes about dancers and women in general,” Sanders said. “They expect us to have a lean body but still be able to function.”

The intensity of company dance isn’t taken lightly and takes a toll on mental and physical health. Luckily, Sanders was able to overcome this challenge and continued to dance throughout her high school years. But her dreams don’t stop there.

“My dream is to move and build a library for the less fortunate and teach them,” Sanders said.