Tobias Jacobs

Kendall Wilson, Student Life Editor

Tobias Jacobs, a senior at Wakefield High School (WHS) takes much pride in uplifting others and promoting positivity. He always has an optimistic outlook and inspires others to have the same.

“What makes me special is making people happy, the hard work and dedication I give, and just the love I have for everybody,” Jacobs said. “I love to be a great vessel and a great spirit.”

He makes sure to bring that fun energy into his extracurriculars. Outside of school, Jacobs loves to partake in activities that make him special, one of them being DJing.

“I’ve always loved putting music together and making my own sound,” Jacobs said. “You’re also in front of a crowd so I love making people have a good time; music is a key thing that makes people happy and changes moods.”

Though Jacobs enjoys making music, his favorite extracurricular activity is rollerskating. In fact, his family has a long history with skating which has inspired him to do it as well.

“I’ve been skating since I was two,” Jacobs said. “Skating is something that helps me mentally get through the day, it helps me get through anything I’m going through. My dad was one of the legends in N.C. that brought skating down here. I’m just over here trying to take over his torch.”