Zoe Ruden

Katie Spampinato, Staff Writer

For some people, theater is a show that a person watches. For Zoe Ruden, theater is an activity that she has a great passion for. Ruden is a sophomore at Wakefield High School and has only been a part of Wake County for five years after she moved from California. When Ruden started her middle school career, she took a great interest in theater; since then, she hasn’t stopped. 

“[The move] motivated me to do theater for all three years [of middle school],” Ruden said. “I’ve been doing theater for five years, in total.”

A few weeks ago, Ruden attended a major theater competition called Junior Theater Festival, also known as J.T.F. Ruden and her theater group, Durant Road Musical Theater, competed with theater groups worldwide. At JTF, Ruden’s theater group had the chance to perform in front of prominent celebrities such as the original Broadway cast of Mean Girls. Aside from performances, Ruden was able to meet some incredible people and start new friendships. 

“At JFT, we competed and won,” Ruden said. “We got to go on the main stage which was in front of 7,000 people. I got closer to the people at JTF and built strong friendships.”