Cayleigh Ingram

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In an ever changing world, it’s important to take care of everything the Earth gives us. Senior Cayleigh Ingram has been a passionate environmentalist since the sixth grade when her science teacher inspired a love of nature within her. She’s since worked to complete environmental projects, such as joining the environmental club at Wakefield and participating in the recycling project. She’s also thought of plans to develop bug hotels to encourage helpful insects to come to agricultural areas, as well as composting systems to encourage students at the school to compost. 

She even incorporates her love for the Earth in her other passions. She participated in an environmental impact art project and contributed a piece depicting a whale corpse to a larger art show run by the Wake Forest Women’s Club.

“I chose to depict [the environmental impact] of not recycling through a whale skeleton,” Ingram said. “Whale skeletons are a great example of trash pollution and the impact it has on ocean animals [because they] can wash up with thousands of pounds of trash in their bodies.”

Ingram wants to continue pursuing the improvement of the Earth throughout her life. She plans to go to college for one of the life sciences and continue improving the environment through her career path.

“I’d like to be out in the field doing research and looking at how everything interacts,” Ingram said. “I want to learn how humans have impacted different areas and what we can do to sustain the environment and protect it from further human damage.”