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Cayleigh Ingram

Cayleigh Ingram

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 16, 2023

In an ever changing world, it’s important to take care of everything the Earth gives us. Senior Cayleigh Ingram has been a passionate environmentalist since the sixth grade when her science teacher...

The adverse effects that power plants have on our planet and life.

Power plants are seriously damaging our environment

Yusha Ahsan, Staff Writer February 8, 2022

One of the most harmful pollutants on earth is power plants; industrial facilities that generate electricity through primary energy. Power plants place negative consequences on the atmosphere, humans,...

Cattle farms are ruining the environment

Cattle farms are ruining the environment

Reagan Young, Staff Writer December 1, 2021

Like many people, I used to be a heavy milk drinker. When I was younger, I would consume enormous amounts of chocolate milk without knowing about what went on during the production process. After extended...

Kaylee Jacobs

How’s the planet doing during quarantine?

Kaylee Jacobs, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 28, 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has had surprising effects on the global environment. Between reduced pollution and the return of animal species in typically crowded urban areas, mother nature is using this time...

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