Parker Zech

Max Rubino, Photography and Graphics Editor

High school is sometimes a challenging place to be. A lot of kids ask themselves, “what am I still doing here?” One of the greatest things about high school is that you get to see people before they make something of themselves. However, sometimes people start early, like Parker Zech.

Zech has had a passion for aviation since he was a kid. One of his favorite childhood spots was sitting in the observation tower watching the planes fly away. Zech decided to advance his hobby into a career and is currently a student in flight school.

“[Being in flight school] is an overload at first,” Zech said. “I remember when I first did it I was very excited about it.”

Just like high school, there are things about flight school that Zech likes and dislikes. He claims that flight school is the fun part since he gets to fly the plane and learn everything hands-on. However, he says ground school is one of the boring parts of the experience. 

“Ground school is the reality check,” Zech said.  “It’s all about aviation law, weather, navigation, weight balance, etc. It’s the boring part, the part you don’t hear pilots talk about.” 

Zech has two plans for his time after completing flight school and high school. Whether it’s being in the Air Force or working commercial flights, he will still be in the front seat.

“If I get into the air force academy, that’s the top priority,” Zech said. “If I don’t, I can do commercial flights through colleges like Purdue with flight programs or Liberty with a reputable flight program.”