Stephen Sellick

Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor

Stephen Sellick, a sophomore at Wakefield High School, has had an interesting life. He was born in England, moved to New York at age seven, and moved to Raleigh when he was 11. 

Now, he is involved in several different extracurriculars at Wakefield. Among these include the Wakefield swim team and the school orchestra. In swimming, he specializes in the 500-yard freestyle, one of the hardest events available to swim. In the orchestra, he plays the cello, which is an incredibly difficult instrument to master – it is safe to say that Sellick is not afraid of a challenge. 

“My parents [gave me the] idea [to play the cello], and I just kind of picked it up,” Sellick said. 

Sellick is known by his teachers to excel academically and ask questions that go beyond the course material. He also helps his fellow students and shows kindness to everyone he meets. He credits his exemplary character to his religion, which is what inspires him to succeed. 

“God motivates me,” Sellick said. “It gives me a sense of purpose. So many people spend their lives trying to find a purpose in life, and I’ve found mine, which is really special to me.”