Everett Strain

There are numerous ways people embrace their free time. Everett Strain, a junior at Wakefield High School, enjoys spending his free time at a summer camp, making new friends, and learning new things about himself. The upsetting part about Everett’s camp is that he will never see his new friends again, however, he will never forget them. 

¨Both people I have only known for three weeks, I don’t have their phone numbers anymore,¨ Everett said. ¨I won’t see them ever again, they are not dead, I just don’t have any way to contact them.¨

Unfortunately, Everett will not have the opportunity to reunite with his new friends. Although this is a very sad reality, Everett is aware that looking on the bright side is much more beneficial to his mental health. Despite this, he chooses to view his camp journey as a positive experience. 

¨One thing I learned is sometimes the shortest relationships in your life are the most meaningful,¨ Everett said.