Leah Winn

Katie Spampinato, Staff Writer

Leah Winn, a sophomore here at Wakefield, has had a lot to say about being a high school student. Being in high school can be one of the most challenging stepping stones in one’s life. Winn’s advice to give to new high school students is to always stay true to yourself and to not let toxic people overcome you. 

“A lot throughout middle school made me realize that,” Winn said. 

Opposed to her view of high school, Winn has spoken about how her middle and elementary school years have been life-changing, and have shaped who she is now. Another piece of advice Winn can give to those in high school is to not care what other people think of you. 

“People will still judge you on certain things,” said Winn, “but the little things you think people are judging you for, they never have. It’s been in your head.”