Brenda Alvarenga

Brenda Alvarenga is a sophomore this year who has many different passions.

Along with being a student, Alvarenga is a big fan of Taylor Swift. Alvarenga said that she has influenced them a lot in life as well as in school.

“She [just] kept trying. She pushed through her hardest times and she found a way to make good things in things that are bad,” said Alvarenga. “She’s a big influence because she just never gives up and she works for what she wants and not what others want”. 

The artist has influenced Alvarenga to work hard in school and has pushed them to work hard every day. 

Out of school, Alvarenga has many different hobbies she loves to do. 

“I enjoy journaling, listening to music, and analyzing song lyrics.”

Through these hobbies, she has gained many friends that share the same interests and enjoy the same hobbies.