Amelia Fountas

Amelia Fountas, a sophomore at Wakefield High School (WHS) is very excited for the future of her extracurricular activities. She is currently devoting her time to five clubs; Key Club, Spanish Honors Society, The Environmental Club, The Zine, and Baking Club. However, she has made the decision to run for the leadership position of secretary in the Baking Club. 

“I joined [Baking] Club when it first started last year, and I loved it,” Fountas said. “I really wanted to get more involved this year, and I have friends who are also running for positions, so I thought it would be fun to do it with them.”

She has chosen to devote the most time to this club because she finds baking to be a great passion of hers. Fountas reflects on why this club is her favorite.

“I love getting to work with other people towards something, and I like how everyone in the club is so genuine and nice and helpful,” Fountas said. “I also like getting to eat whatever desserts we mess up.”

Though baking is a significant part of her life at the moment, she has so many more things to be proud of. Fountas recalls another one of her passions, crocheting.

“I like to crochet,” Fountas said. “I don’t get a ton of time to do it with all my clubs and school, but I love making things for my friends and family and sometimes selling stuff too. It’s really easy and relaxing, and probably one of my favorite hobbies I have.”