Alice Chen

Alice Chen has a large presence at Wakefield. As a junior, she is involved in many clubs and is an active member of her community. She is part of nine clubs including Key Club, Cleanup 919, Student Council, American Sign Language Club, Rho Kappa, Asian Culture Club, Best Buddies and National Honor Society. 

“I love being involved so I’m always looking forward to club meetings,” Chen said. 

Nine clubs can be overwhelming and time-consuming; she is able to combat the stress by participating in enjoyable hobbies. She loves baking, photography and music. 

“There is no wrong way to do music and it gives me creative freedom,” Chen said. “[Photography] is so cool and I can put my own twist on it.” 

She also loves to help out in her community wherever possible. 

“I like doing community service, I would go around and clean up trails when I was younger. It was cool that I was helping the world,” Chen said. “[I love knowing] I can help others even if the effect is minimal.”