Ainsley Barlow

Nara Hamburger, Staff Writer

Ainsley Barlow, a sophomore at Wakefield High School, is involved in the Wakefield community, from clubs to extracurricular activities. Barlow is in several clubs including Key Club, Drama Club, ITS, and FFA. 

In the future, Barlow would like to pursue a career that is related to the clubs she is currently in.

“I really like FFA and I really like drama club,” Barlow said. “I want to go into something theatre …[or] I want to do something with animals.”

Barlow is involved in Wakefield’s theatre productions, including the haunted house and the fall musical.

“Sometimes the musical can [conflict with schoolwork],” Barlow said. “Once I get home I just want to take a shower and go to bed.”

Luckily, the workload for Barlow is not unbearable.

“I am in AP Gov, so [the work] is becoming a lot,” Barlow said. “[In] most of my other classes I get most of my work done in class.”