Jose Hernandez-Galguera

Student Spotlight: Jose Hernandez-Galguera

This past Wednesday, I spent half an hour with Jose Hernandez-Galguera, a junior in my AP United States History class. While I have always pegged Hernandez-Galguera as being a “history-person” because of his extensive knowledge of US presidents, his ability to name any state on a map, and his impressive recollection of even the most trivial events in American history, I learned on Wednesday that his true passions lie in Chelsea George’s AP Chemistry class.

Hernandez-Galguera first fell in love with the subject last year as a sophomore in Denise Furr’s Honors Chemistry class. However, it wasn’t until this year, with his subsequent election as president of Spanish Honor Society, that Hernandez-Galguera realized he could integrate his bilingual skills into the world of science, and pursue a career that incorporates both. For now, however, he strives to make as big of an impact as he can through Wakefield High School’s chapter of the Spanish Honor Society.

“A lot of Hispanic people struggle with the [language barrier],” Hernandez-Galguera said. “Fostering that care for Spanish culture and language in [the] Spanish Honor Society is really important to me.”