Kayla Gicovi

Kayla Gicovi, the freshman class president at Wakefield High School, has a bright and kind spirit. She loves getting involved in the school, and you will never see her without a smile on her face! High school is a new experience for her and the road has not been easy, but as the year goes on she realizes that it is important to learn from her mistakes and not to fear failure.

“High school in general, is my chance to fail,” says Gicovi. “I have tripped and fallen more academically in the last few months, than in the decade I have been in school.”

No matter what challenges she has faced and the challenges that may come ahead, she knows she must preserve and keep her head held high. 

“I think by seeing high school as my time to fail, I can expect and prepare my mind for the lows that will come so that I can cherish the highs,” says Gicovi. “Either way, I can love myself because no moment in life is the end all be all.”