Pippa Sellick

Moving can have a huge impact on someone but moving countries is an entirely different experience. Pippa Sellick moved from England to New York when she was nine years old and though she was filled with excitement it was a huge change. She misses the culture that she grew up in, from the accent to the food, but she has enjoyed exploring the many opportunities available in the United States. She was reflecting on her friendships and their impact on her future.

“I’m not going to have those friends from kindergarten [when I’m older] where we’ve known each other for that long,” Sellick said. 

Despite this, she loves the friends and connections she’s made since starting at Wakefield Middle School in 7th grade and how they help her feel more established. The fluctuations of moving so many times in her youth have definitely had a definite impact on her.

“It has taught me that change is to be embraced,” Sellick said. “I’m flexible and open to whatever comes.”