Thinking about tattooing yourself? What to consider

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If you asked someone what their definition of art would be, there would be a multitude of different answers. These opinions vary, but there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: self-expression. The same thoughts can occur when viewing tattoos. The interesting part though is the ages in which these tattoos are acquired.

Most tattoo shops will refuse a minor, so the certified age still stands at 18. To avoid the cost, some find ways to DIY a tattoo using hot sewing needles and Indian ink. Although it seems to be a riskier approach as many get infected, it’s one that most people will do in their teens until they are able to go out and get one themselves. Wakefield students showcase a variety of art on their bodies that each tell a story. This leads us into our next question: Should we get tattoos?

The short answer is that it’s totally up to you! Tattoos are all up to the person and being nervous is perfectly okay. Through this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of wearing ink.

It’s permanent: This can be exciting or debilitating depending on the person. Having something marked on you forever seems like a risky choice. On the contrary, you can hide them in discrete places or have a fun story for later on in life. The permanence of a tattoo is something to accept and see yourself with for years to come.

Art on your body: If there is one concept of a piece of art you like, why not have it on your body? People use symbols and personal pictures to put on their body for sentimental value or to never forget things.

Widely accepted and completely safe: In 2019, going to a tattoo shop almost guarantees your personal safety. It seems the worries and dangers of the early 2000s have passed. Everything is safe and sterile – most companies will make sure to have you sign paperwork and show their certification before doing any work. Like any business offering a service, make sure you check ratings. Although most places are up on their standards, make sure you go to a trusted place. Once you have a tattoo, many people will accept that. If you wouldn’t like anyone to see them, you also have the option to put them in more discrete areas. Tattoos turn out to be good conversation starters and may lead to future friends!

Tattoos can also be burdensome in some other respects – though we can claim to view them in black and white, there seems to be a lot grayer in between. It’s hard to be in the middle of a topic that can be emotionally provoking for many. Getting a tattoo is an optional choice in life and it’s up to the person to choose what they want to do.

Getting them redone: Getting tattoos redone is both expensive and frustrating. Depending on the size of the tattoo and its placement, the time in between getting them redone may vary. Some can last between 1-10 years before they look faded.

Body stretching: Mostly regarding those who have either been pregnant or gained/lost weight, body stretching can affect how your art looks on your body. All hope is not lost necessarily when this happens, but it is something to consider when putting a large tattoo on the center of your stomach or another vulnerable part of your body.

Covering them up for work: Tattoos are wonderful, but many companies want a more formal approach to their business. If your tattoo is easily seen, investing in concealer is the best way to get the job. Even though tattoos are accepted, many don’t want to see tattoo sleeves in the formal workplace. What to invest in is all up to the person.

Tattoos around Wakefield are a conclusive statement of youth culture and self-expression. It exemplifies independence and the hope for the future. With many teens about to reach 18, it’s exciting to see who will have paint on their canvas.