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Famed singer-songwriter Conan Gray released his third studio album Found Heaven on April 5th. This album is incredibly different from Grays previous work, adopting a unique 80s pop sound.(Courtesy of Republic Records)
Famed singer-songwriter Conan Gray released his third studio album “Found Heaven” on April 5th. This album is incredibly different from Gray’s previous work, adopting a unique 80’s pop sound.(Courtesy of Republic Records)

Famed singer-songwriter Conan Gray released his third studio album, “Found Heaven,” on April 5. This album, apart from being absolutely amazing, was monumental in Gray’s career. Compared to his other albums, “Found Heaven” has a very unique sound, introducing a more 80s pop-oriented feel, very different from his previous breakup anthems and poetic lyrics. 

Prior to the album’s release, Gray released five songs that are featured on the album: “Never Ending Song,” “Winner,” “Killing Me,” “Lonely Dancers,” and “Alley Rose.” Fans, lovingly known as “Coneheads,” anxiously anticipated the album’s debut. Needless to say, Gray did not disappoint. Now that I’ve listened to the album, I am here to present my official ranking of “Found Heaven.”

  1. “Lonely Dancers”

I love this album, however, this song, in particular, left me a bit disappointed. “Lonely Dancers” is one of the most divisive songs on the album, garnering mixed reviews from fans. I’m not a hater of this song, but I don’t love the lyrics or the melody when compared to other tracks on the album. I’ll still dance to it anytime, though.

Favorite lyric: “Dance with me so we dont cry.”

  1. “Boys & Girls”

“Boys & Girls” is another fun 80s-inspired pop song. This song revolves around a person who is seemingly idolized and liked by everyone but who is not so nice below the surface. Though this song isn’t at the top of my list, with snappy lyrics and a danceable beat, I think we all want this song on our playlist.

Favorite lyric: “You got a face that’s technologic, nobody cares that you’re psychotic”

  1. “Eye Of The Night”

Similarly to “Found Heaven,” this song feels very spooky in such a fun way. I also love how Gray seemingly references Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” by describing hearing someone’s heartbeat through the floorboards, as if Gray is being haunted by his past. Though I will definitely be streaming this song this October, compared to others on the album it’s not my favorite.

Favorite lyric: “Fight for my life inside a silent war.”

  1. “Killing Me”

This is another one of my favorite tracks from the album. I love that we can hear anger in Gray’s voice, especially in the pre-chorus. I also really enjoy the juxtaposition of expressing anger in an 80s pop song, and how Gray changes from a darker, deeper tone in the verses to a more upbeat sound in the chorus.

Favorite lyric: “Got the curious feelin’ you’re fiendin’ for love, but the thing is, we haven’t spoken for weeks.”

  1. “Winner”

“Winner” is absolutely soul-crushing in the best way possible. In this track, Gray sings about his relationship with his father, saying his father is the “winner” at making him feel bad. The title alone is extremely creative, as well as the song concept overall. He does a fantastic job of conveying the depths of manipulation and abandonment in such a beautiful, elegant way in this tear-jerking song.

Favorite lyric: “You don’t really wanna hear the truth, do you? It’s obvious to anyone who ever knew you, that all you ever wanted was to fight.”

  1. “Never Ending Song”

From the first beat, I was hooked on this song. The day it came out, I listened to it at least ten times; it was truly my song of the summer. From the fun 80s vibe and danceability to the awesome music video, I can’t help but put this song at the top of my list.

Favorite lyric: “I can hear your voice in the music on the radio.”

  1. “Fainted Love”

“Fainted Love” is the breakup anthem I never knew I needed. About holding onto a weak, one-sided relationship, this song uses dialogue and imagery to tell the story of a fading love. Gray’s belt in the chorus is incredibly emotional and truly shows the depth in the relationship he is singing about. I also love the story telling in this song, the lyrics are very unique and some of my favorites on the album.

Favorite lyric: “Guess you take all the pain that you think you deserve.”

  1. “Found Heaven”

This song is very eerie in the best way, especially at the beginning of the song when Gray references sin and says, “no one is innocent,” conveying that he viewed his love as an evil, immoral thing. This song, about his discomfort in falling in love, is incredibly interesting lyrically, as Grey uses religious references and sings about comforting his younger self. “Found Heaven” is beautifully heartbreaking and a fantastic addition to the album.

Favorite lyric: “Don’t be scared little child, you’re no demon.”

  1. “Miss You”

I love the metaphors in this song! Gray cleverly reflects on a past love he feels he abandoned and is now regretting leaving. The vocals are also incredibly unique and edgy, and I really enjoy the belting in the track and overall vibe. The only reason this track isn’t higher on my list is the melody at the end of the chorus, I feel like it interrupts the flow of the song.

Favorite lyric: “I’ll be gone because you love me.”

  1. “The Final Fight”

“The Final Fight” discusses a sense of unfinished business in a relationship and the constant pondering of ‘what if.’ Gray’s vocals in this track are tear-jerking enough, but the lyrics, though simple, truly convey the feeling of lost love. Similar to “Forever With Me” this song is much simpler production wise, allowing the emotion of the song to reflect through Gray’s vocals, which is why it earned a place in my top five. There’s nothing left to do but listen to this song on repeat.

Favorite lyric: “And I came right back after growing, yet you’re still the same. Though it’s me who may be broken, it was you to blame.”

  1. “Bourgeoisies”

This song is perpetually stuck in my head. Gray showcases variance in his voice with this song, singing in an almost chanty tone in the chorus and a more jazzy tone in the verses. In this track, Gray highlights the life of the rich and how disconnected the wealthy population tends to be from the reality of the world with an incredibly catchy, unique melody. I’ll party all night to this song!

Favorite lyric: “The men at war, they draft the poor, no time to mourn, I’m on the dance floor.”

  1. “Alley Rose”

The first time I listened to this track, I wasn’t sold, however, upon reading the lyrics, I saw this track from a whole new perspective. I love how the song tells a story; it reminds me of Gray’s older work. I especially enjoy how Gray utilizes his storytelling skills in this song, truly painting a picture for the listener with his lyrics. The bridge is also so emotional and incredibly scream-worthy. I hope this track never “go go goes.”

Favorite lyric: “And I thought if you’d ever leave me, that I’d be the reason why.”

  1. “Forever With Me”

There is only one word I can think of to describe this song: tears. From the comparatively somber melody to the theme of holding onto past relationships. Gray perfectly depicts the complex emotions of reflecting on the past, showing both the joy of appreciating the time you had with them but still feeling angry and sad that it ended. This song is one of the most emotional on the album, however the reason it’s my favorite is the way Gray expresses his emotion. Compared to the other sad songs on the album, “Forever With Me” is much simpler in terms of melody and production. This really allows Gray’s vocals to stand out, allowing him to convey the depth of the song with his voice.

Favorite lyric: “Lonely nights, the anger does replace the pain, but who am I to blame? I broke your heart the same.”

That concludes my ranking of “Found Heaven.” This album was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, but at the end, I didn’t want to get off. Though we may not see eye to eye on all the tracks, I hope we can agree that this album is a true winner and will be forever with us. Our love for this album will never faint!


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