5 new songs on GUTS (spilled): ranked

Photo Courtesy of Geffen Records
Photo Courtesy of Geffen Records

On March 22, Olivia Rodrigo released the deluxe version of her sophomore album, “GUTS.” Many fans have patiently waited for her to make this announcement as she has performed previously unreleased songs during her tour and hidden four of these new tracks on her limited-edition vinyls. While some listeners may be familiar with these fresh tunes, there is one entirely new song for everyone to experience for the first time together. 

I have been a huge fan of Rodrigo since her time on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” and I couldn’t wait to hear what new songs she would add to her already lovable album. With that being said, here is my breakdown of her five additional songs, ranked from most favorite to least favorite. 

  • Obsessed 

With her album classified as alternative/indie and pop, it was no surprise that Rodrigo would keep the vibe going with this song. Opening with a bass-heavy tune and powerful vocals, Rodrigo takes a different approach to the structure of “Obsessed,” drawing listeners in at an instant. This interesting approach can be heard again right before the chorus, where the beat builds up and then drops back into almost whisper-like vocals instead of having more of an explosive vocal sound. The song is more erratic with the layered vocal tracks, yet a clean-sounding vibe towards the end, leaving listeners, such as myself, obsessed with “Obsessed.”

  • Stranger 

Second on my list is “Stranger,” as it has an interesting change of pace from the rest of her album. While the other songs are a bit more upbeat and almost electric, this song has more of a somber feel, mainly created by her use of acoustic guitar and slightly country-sounding vocals. While country isn’t my typical go-to genre, the lyrics are what has placed “Stranger” so high on my list. In this song about the journey of heartbreak, Rodrigo highlights how, over time, the pain and weight of losing a relationship with someone you loved and knew so well will finally subside until they’re simply “just a stranger I know everything about.” 

  • So American

The next song, which has also been on repeat since its release, is “So American,” shifting the somber tone “Stranger” left behind with a sick opening guitar riff. As the song progresses, you hear her airy-sounding vocals again, keeping your attention with the not-so-perfect alignment to the beat, giving the listener a more real in-the-moment feeling. I also really enjoyed the lyrics, not just because they may hint at Rodrigo’s love life; the upbeat tone perfectly matches how it feels to catch feelings for somebody early in a relationship. 

  1.  Scared of My Guitar  

Flipping back to the acoustic heartbreak vibe might be difficult after “So American,” but it’s worth it. If you were a fan of Rodrigo’s first album, “SOUR,” this might be a good introductory song to “GUTS.” Pulling from the softer, more vulnerable parts of her songwriting, Rodrigo sings about how her guitar “knows her too well,” like it is an extension of herself, so she can’t hide from the truth when she has a guitar in her hands. This song truly highlights how authentic Rodrigo is as an artist; the only true way to understand that statement is by listening to the somber yet relatable song. 

  • Girl I’ve Always Been

Don’t be fooled by the placement of this song on the list. “Girl I’ve Always Been” is unique and worth the time of day as it brings an almost cowpunk—country punk—vibe to her album. With a fast-paced acoustic guitar and her twangy, slightly sarcastic-sounding lyrics—which focus on how sometimes people tend not to see her fully, but when they do, they question where the idea of her they had in the beginning went—Rodrigo adds a different feel to her album, really spicing it up.

Overall, “GUTS (spilled)” continues to keep listeners entertained. Whether you scream or cry along, these songs are raw and enjoyable; Rodrigo has once again impressed the world with her fresh new bops, so give it a listen and share your own rankings.

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