Ten songs to make your 2020


2020 is officially here! With the new year comes a new state of mind for most people, and the best way to encourage our good behaviors is finding and enjoying new music!

My favorite artists are typically around the indie and alternative rock genres with a little bit of funk mixed into it. These songs are good for a Saturday outing or a quiet night at home. Either way, although these artists are not popular by most standards, they deserve more recognition.

SONG ONE: Personal Lies by Djo

Djo finds a way to make his acoustics sounds like summer. The beat blends well together to the spoken song lyrics and creates a playful song to listen to. The perfect song for an evening out.

SONG TWO: B Cool (feat. Melanie Faye) by Magroove

This song is the definition of vibin’. The slowed-down vocals and casual lull of the song makes for dancing or working out. The lyrics, albeit sad, help navigate the emotions it tries to convey.

SONG THREE: Dance Baby! by Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo conveys the epitome of happiness. Prepare to jump around the moment this song comes on! Whether at home or in the car, the chorus always does a good job of putting a smile on my face.

SONG FOUR: Carry Me by The Original Crooks and Nannies

The Original Crooks and Nannies are a group that I really want to get popular. Through thick and thin,  this song has made friendships and feelings for me. It’s a breath of fresh air for the shenanigans I see myself in everyday.

SONG FIVE: Sunflower by Rex Orange County

One of the most popular songs by Rex Orange County, “Sunflower” is almost impossible not to mention.  The composition of the song is what makes it so special. With the slow rise in the beginning and the fast chorus, it uses its musical cues to deliver a catchy, happy song that will make you want to sing along.

SONG SIX: July by Beach Bunny

“July” is not very well known by audiences. Accumulating a mere 72,000 views on YouTube, the song has not been brought to light by fans of Beach Bunny. This song takes a typically guitar-ukulele song and combines it with a bit of grunge. Blame it on poor equipment, the song brings its own retrospective style and talks about summertime.

SONG SEVEN: Earfquake by Tyler, the Creator

Although did not have the greatest experience before listening to this song, the situation holds a special place in my heart. During the summer I was caught in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in California. Someone made a joke after about the song and I listened to it before boarding the red-eye flight to Arizona and next RDU on the fourth of July. Needless to say, this song is good for sunsets, late nights, and fireworks.

SONG EIGHT: Didya Think by Arlie

Synonymous with high school angst, this song is not overly emotional but bratty in its delivery. The song feels best when you want to belt out the lyrics. I find it to be a fantastic song to listen to in the car while going down a highway. Listen in with no destination in mind and you will find yourself playing it on repeat!

SONG NINE: Rare Hearts by The Growlers

My favorite part is the intricate guitar strings at the beginning of the song. The first vocals set the stage for the feeling of the song as a whole. The best way to describe the feeling it gives is spinning. If you listen to the song in headphones, the beginning riffs bounce from ear to ear as well. “Rare Hearts” has always been one of my favorites.

SONG TEN: Alternate Loving by The Bright Light Social Hour

This song happens to be my favorite one on the list. The first few seconds may throw you off guard, but looking past them is a well worth it! The lyrics are insightful and help the song rise to an almost-orchestral chorus fit with fast, rhythmic drum beats and high notes.

That’s the list! I hope that someone is able to expand their music library and see a clearer year ahead of them. Check out the Wakefield Howler Spotify to view all ten songs on its own playlist. Enjoy!