Movies, TV shows you need to watch out for in 2024

Need some new movies and TV shows to watch this year? Look no further than this article!
Need some new movies and TV shows to watch this year? Look no further than this article!
Lana Harrison

Our culture is filled with references to our favorites in the entertainment industry. Again and again, filmmakers create iconic movies and shows – whether it’s a new production or a remake of a beloved classic. Last year brought a series of beloved productions to the industry, such as “Barbie” and “Percy Jackson and The Olympians.” This begs the question, what’s in store for 2024, and will it live up to last year? 

Let’s begin with the movies. 

Did you know that over 66 percent of adults between the ages 18 to 44 are Marvel fans? Movies such as “Spiderman” and “Iron Man” have driven those ratings up. This new Marvel movie seems to be no different. 

“Deadpool & Wolverine” comes out in theaters July 26. In this wonderful duet of superheroes, the trailer shows Wade Wilson (Deadpool), portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, celebrating his birthday – his celebration is cut short, however, when he gets taken by the Time Variance Authority (TVA). While dealing with them, he runs into an X-Men favorite, Wolverine, resulting in a powerful team-up. Watch the trailer here to see all the action.

Our next movie was released on Jan. 12, and has a huge fan base following it. The remake of “Mean Girls” is one for the books. The trailer sets the scene for the original where you follow Cady Heron and her navigation of high school, but the movie puts a modern twist on it. Regina George, one of the best antagonists known for wearing pink on Wednesdays, portrayed by Renee Rapp, has never been more iconic. Watch the trailer here to see the wonderfully pink musical — if you haven’t already watched it.

If you want a real feel-good movie to watch, check out “Inside Out 2,” the sequel to Pixar’s “Inside Out,” which was released in 2015. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust, five of the main characters, are back at it again — slaying at keeping their human Riley’s emotions in check. However, when new character Anxiety is introduced to Riley’s mind as she enters her teen years, audiences will wonder if the emotions will be able to maintain stability. Go to your local theater on June 14 to find out! Check out this trailer for now as you wait.

Let’s transition to the wonderful shorter film content that keeps you anxiously waiting: TV shows. 

For fans of “The Good Wife,” the creators have made — and released one of the episodes for — “Elsbeth,” the quirky red-headed lawyer with her own approach to the law. With the New York Police Department, she uses unique techniques to capture criminals in a snap. Watch the trailer here to see her brilliance fill your television screen.

Another one for drama fans, look no further than the new show “The Gentlemen” which premiered March 7th. This show stars Eddie Halstead (played by Theo James), a second-born son and British soldier who inherits his late father’s estate contrary to the belief that the firstborn will get it. Everything goes great until Halstead finds out that the estate is a front for illegal substances. 

Finally, if you want some good crime television shows to watch, look no further than these shows, which were delayed because of the strike. “The Rookie” has already aired three episodes, with episode four due to air on March 26, and has already thrilled fans with new relationships and developments. Another show is the remake of  “Walker,” starring Jared Padalecki. Airing April 3, the fourth season of “Walker” has gained a very big fan base because of its great plot and actors. It’s no wonder people, including the actors, were stoked for the show’s renewal — and you should be, too.

With all of these new, and old, pieces coming alive on the big screen, each one enriches your life differently. If it’s a remake, it reminds you of the past and hopefully brings up good memories. If it’s a new show, it allows you to create new ones. The characters, plots and everything in between begin to impact our own lives, promising continued enjoyment and engagement with the art of storytelling.

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