Was Jamie Lynn Spears Really Helping ?

The Free Britney movement was created by beloved fans to help the iconic performer Britney Spears get out of the control that her family had over her career and her entire life. According to Harper’s BAZAAR,  Britney was considered a conservatee and her father was her conservator. Her conservators would have the power to make decisions for her in her career, so her life wasn’t her own anymore. 

Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears always seemed close to the public eye. In 2017 Jamie performed a tribute to her sister and wanted to honor her, but little did she know it did the exact opposite. Britney was very upset about why her sister showed up to an award show and sang her songs in a remix which took away from its originality. After the backlash of this performance fans started digging more into it. Was her loving sister involved in the control that was held over Britney’s life?

Britney’s lawyer sent a scathing cease-and-desist letter to Jamie after the release of her new memoir Things I Should Have Said. They believed that the launch of the book was misleading and made claims about Brittney that weren’t true. Jamie claimed that the memoir wasn’t about her sister, but Brintey did not want to take any risk and left the claim just in case. 

Jamie went on a podcast interview Call Her Daddy where she was planning on promoting her new book but instead went into talking about her sister. She got very emotional when speaking about her family and how she felt she wasn’t wanted as a child. She felt like the world would compare them when they never saw each other as competition. Everything that would happen in Britney’s career would fall on Jamie as another reason she had to keep her family’s so-called brand in check. 

The public has been on a mission to hold everyone that had a part in keeping Britney captive accountable. During the interview, Jamie stated that the most hurtful messages she would receive were fans telling her that she didn’t do anything for her sister. In Jamie’s eyes, she did everything she possibly could to help and support her sister. She claims that she found out about the conservatorship just like the public did. During this time she has cut ties with family who were not supporting her current pregnancy. After that, she felt like there wasn’t much more she could do for her sister.

Nothing is ever what it seems behind cameras, there was a story behind every video, performance, and even tik toks that were posted of Britney. No one thought to look into it as much as now. Realizing that she wasn’t doing what she loved anymore but was being forced to. Wherever you stand with this controversy the only real side that people should be worried about is Britney’s and if she is okay, happy and safe.