The Voice of Wakefield High School

Photo courtesy of Amelie ZIlber

Amelie Zilber

You may have seen influencer Amelie Zilber on your Tik Tok for you page, whether it’s for her fashion adventures or her informative videos about real-life situations that need more attention. Zilber is not only beautiful and talented, but she also uses her platform to spread awareness and knowledge about situations that are often ignored and helps teach new generations to understand what they are learning about and what they can do to help.  By spreading awareness or just simply giving opportunities for people to donate and support foundations around the world. 

Zilber is determined to break the stereotype that pretty girls have nothing to say. The 19-year old model influencer has seven point two million followers on Tik Tok and two-point six million followers on Instagram using both platforms to showcase her beauty and brains. Zilber knows she’s beautiful and understands that in the current day it’s the first thing that attracts most people into someone’s account but she hopes that they stay on her page to hear what she has to say.

Zilber is very open with her fans, sharing her past life and how she had a complicated relationship with her physical appearance and mental state for many years. Making sure that her fans don’t see her as an impossible beauty standard, she shares details that help fans feel more connected with her and see her as someone they can relate to instead. 

Zilber has helped many girls not only with their body image and being comfortable with who they are but also helped girls feel empowered to be able to achieve their goals no matter how high. Recently Zilber got to interview with the White House, fulfilling a dream she had with all the hard work and dedication she put into it proving to her followers that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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