Wakefield’s Women’s Lacrosse: A team of hardworking and competitive players

Stephanie Arana and Abby Dykes

As the women’s lacrosse season wraps up the season, the team reflects on their highlights, accomplishments and favorite moments. The team’s season record was 5-8.

“My team has taught me how to grow and overcome challenges,” senior team captain Ellie Whitehead said. “I will always and forever appreciate my teammates.”

Practices usually start off with a small warm-up and then consist of thorough conditioning, including sprints and drills. Conditioning plays a key role in increasing the player’s stamina and athletic endurance. 

“We prioritize conditioning at our practices to help us improve our endurance and athletic capabilities,” Whitehead said.

After they complete their warm-ups and conditioning drills, they end their practice with a scrimmage with two teams of seven. This helps motivate the girls with a friendly game that tests everyone’s abilities and improves their skill. 

We prioritize conditioning at our practices to help us improve our endurance and athletic capabilities.”

— Whitehead

“There’s a lot of hard work,” junior Allie Caulway said, “but everyone still has fun at the same time.” 

The girls train hard to be able to go out on the field with confidence and assurance. 

“I believe my speed is the most valuable asset to the team,” senior Brooke Eisenberg said. “My main responsibility is to get takeaways and run the ball down on the field.”

Each player makes up a crucial part of the powerhouse that is the Wakefield women’s lacrosse team.

“I’m pretty competitive and I like to win games,” junior Katie Tan said. “So that’s what motivates me to be better.” 

Each team member had a different response when asked whether they preferred practices over games, yet they all had the same reasoning behind their differing answers: the love they had for their team. 

“I love being a part of the lacrosse team,” Eisenberg said. “It’s like my second family.”