Jojo Siwa makes history with same gender duet partner Jenna Johnson


Photo Adaptation by Stephanie Arana

“Dancing With The Stars” abc desaturated from original

Over the years, the hit competition show, Dancing with the Stars has had huge contestants like Zendaya, Corbin Bleu, Mel B and even Bill Nye the science guy! This year they also have huge sensations like Jojo Siwa, Olivia Jade, The Miz and Melanie C. 

However, one contestant this year has done something that has yet to be seen on the show impressing the entire audience and setting a new standard. Dominating the floor, Jojo Siwa has become the first contestant to compete with a partner of the same gender making history on the show. 

Jojo Siwa is most known for her appearance on Dance Moms, her current music career and is a very known youtube personality. She is 18 years old and has become a huge pop sensation inspiring kids all over the world to find ways to be true to themselves. Siwa has made an appearance on USA Today where she stated that she hoped that her performance would be a “change for the better”. 

Her partner on the show is iconic Dancing with the Stars dancer, Jenna Johnson. When Johnson was asked to be a part of this amazing experience she was quick to reply with a “yes” and was even more intrigued when she found out who her partner was. She stated that Siwa was “full of life,” and “a joy to be able to work with every day.” They have grown close and have formed a sweet friendship not only on the dance floor but also behind the scenes as well. Together they make each other feel confident. They dominate the competition each week with their high scoring and outstanding performances truly leaving their mark. 

One of the latest most admired dance weeks on the show has been “Disney Week”. Siwa and Johnson have taken on the roles of Cinderella and Prince Charming and performed one of the most groundbreaking dances that the show has ever seen. Siwa even announced that she had injured her knee in rehearsal, but never addressed it on the show. With Siwa taking on the role of Prince Charming she has not only conquered through the gender standard but also has strived through the game with her high scores throughout the whole season. 

With only a couple of weeks left, Siwa and Johnson have a small amount of time to win the competition and put the cherry on top of their main goal. Not only will they have won the entire show, but they also will be the first same-gender team to come out on top and create a history that will never be forgotten.