The evolution of Emma Chamberlain’s success


Whether you watch her videos or not, you may be familiar with the name Emma Chamberlain. Since 2016, Chamberlain has been uploading weekly videos to YouTube, and over the years has achieved over 11.8 million subscribers, accordingly making her one the most successful and prominent influencers to date.

Chamberlain has been posting vlogs such as her driving around San Francisco, California, eating, trying out new trends, and drinking coffee are posted four times a month. At the time Chamberlain was a high school student, teenagers around the world were able to relate to her content. Chamberlain stayed true to her authentic style of content, which helped her retain her audience, even as she matured into an adult.

Chamberlain quickly became known for her funny and quirky personality, with teenagers across the world relating to the YouTube sensation. At 16, Chamberlain graduated early from high school to turn her hobby of posting videos on YouTube into a career.

By 2018, Chamberlain had moved to Los Angeles and bought a home of her own, shortly after her 17th birthday. Collaborations with popular YouTubers James Charles and Ethan and Grayson Dolan became a recurrent pastime on her channel, with over 10 million viewers tuning in for her vlogs.

The following year ultimately became a big year for Chamberlain. Her unique style of plaid pants, scrunchies, colorful sunglasses, iced coffee and large sherpa jackets influenced the style of girls across the country. From there on, Chamberlain has been labeled as the “it girl” of Generation Z, becoming a fashion and personality icon for teenagers all around.

Chamberlain has been labeled as the “it girl” of Generation Z, becoming a fashion and personality icon for teenagers all around.

As Chamberlain’s company grew, famous luxury brands such as Louis Vitton were captivated by the YouTuber’s personality and sense of fashion. In March 2019, Chamberlain attended Paris Fashion Week as part of a co-sponsoship with YouTube and Louis Vuitton, later becoming an ambassador for the brand.

Chamberlain had also become known for her love of coffee and had been drinking it since the age of 10. Starting a company dedicated to coffee has been a dream since Chamberlain was little. Chamberlain Coffee is committed to sharing only sustainably sourced coffee that comes from South American countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and more.

Shortly after, Chamberlain started producing a weekly podcast, “Anything Goes” where she discusses anything that happened to be on her mind that week, debatable topics, advice sessions and story times. “Anything Goes” on Spotify currently has a 4.9-star rating out of 5, along with nearly 160 thousand active listeners. As COVID-19 put the world on hold, Chamberlain found comfort in producing podcasts and continues to deliver episodes to her listeners weekly.

Although the past two years have proved to be successful for the YouTube personality, Chamberlain was not afraid to speak about the mental toll creating videos had begun to take on her.

It has become a YouTube epidemic, that creators have stepped down from their channels and careers. Chamberlain described the hard truth of being a content creator in one of her podcasts, citing that many YouTubers hold themselves to an impossible standard. In her past videos, Chamberlain has spoken about the effect creating weekly videos has had on her, but had not taken an official hiatus from YouTube since December 2021.

Chamberlain slowly works her way up back to posting on YouTube. Vlogs of her travels around Europe are posted every couple of weeks. Her recent videos feature an entirely new aesthetic and formatting, setting the scene for the future ahead for her YouTube career.

It’s remarkable that in just five years, Emma Chamberlain has become one of the most successful internet personalities, going from high school student to entrepreneur and brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.