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The evolution of Emma Chamberlains success

The evolution of Emma Chamberlain’s success

Katie Spampinato, Staff Writer November 4, 2022

Whether you watch her videos or not, you may be familiar with the name Emma Chamberlain. Since 2016, Chamberlain has been uploading weekly videos to YouTube, and over the years has achieved over 11.8 million...

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Mr. Beast

Maya Johnson, Copy Editor January 27, 2022

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his internet persona Mr. Beast, has amassed more than 37 million subscribers on his main channel over the past year and over 87 million in total. Donaldson began his channel...

Watcher Entertainment (2020). [Watcher Entertainment Logo]. Retrieved from

Watcher Entertainment

Kaylee Jacobs, News Editor January 27, 2022

Watcher Entertainment is a media company that creates a mixture of creative content on various platforms, including YouTube, Patreon, Tik Tok and Instagram. The company was founded by Internet personalities...

The cosmetics launch that broke the internet

The cosmetics launch that broke the internet

Daijah DeForge, Staff Writer December 2, 2019

Two of the internet’s mega influencers, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, teamed up to create one of the most anticipated makeup collections to date, which dropped on November 1st on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics...

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