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Wakefield Track and Field athletes channel self-determination for the 2024 season

Photo Courtesy of James Ward
Elijah Matlock and Donovan Carey relay for varsity track.

Wakefield’s Track and Field team is going the distance this season. Six Wolverines qualified for regionals and plan on moving even further. Each athlete works to challenge themselves throughout the season, competing internally as much as they do externally. 

Track and field is composed of many competitions, many throwing, running and jumping events make up the sport. Instead of doing everything as a team, there are some individual matches, with people going against one another. This is something senior Malik McRavin has learned to live with throughout his two years on the team.

“It’s always fun to practice with my friends, but they’re also my competition,” McRavin said. “I always seize every opportunity to be my best because if they can beat me, what’s to stop the others?”

Along with competing at peak performance to improve their skills, the Wolverines use their practices to make each other better and build comradery. Whether it’s through on-field coaching, talks between teammates or team building exercises, the team knows what it takes to take the next steps and win more.

It’s always fun to practice with my friends, but they’re also my competition.

— McRavin

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Israel Sosanya, a senior, knows what this success entails. Sosanya does discus and shot put for Wakefield’s outdoor Track and Field team. Despite this desire for success, Sosanya fought many mental battles at the start of the season. 

“At first, it was going downhill. The challenges I faced were getting in my head,” Sosanya said. “I see myself at a division one school throwing and trust I will throw at a division one [level].”

Track and field is composed of many competitions, including throwing, running, and jumping events. Instead of doing everything together, it might be an individual match, sometimes going against one another. Shot-put thrower Jami Ward lives this as a member of the team.

“I love all the aspects of track,” Ward said. “I enjoy practicing with my friends one day and then they are my competition the next.”

While most athletes on the team have undergone personal battles while pushing to their fullest potential on the track or field, some have had external challenges that have been yet another obstacle for them to overcome on their way to success. Zebulon Mathis, a junior on the team, has been able to overcome moving to a new school to help not only himself, but the whole team, succeed.

“It’s been nice moving to a new school and getting to be a part of a team,” Mathis said. “We’ve done well as a team. We’re trying to win a conference championship and I’ve set a lot of personal records.”

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