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Adidas makes a comeback in 2024 fashion. These are the Adidas Campus ST, popular among several fashion trends.
(Photo Courtesy of Richard IJzermans)
Adidas makes a comeback in 2024 fashion. These are the Adidas Campus ST, popular among several fashion trends. (Photo Courtesy of Richard IJzermans)
Richard IJzermans

Since its creation in the late 1940s, Adidas has been one of the leading sneaker brands in the fashion world. The signature three stripes of the logo can be seen in almost every store and closet across the world. As fashion trends continue to swerve, it looks like these sneakers remain timeless. 

It is hard to decipher when the brand started growing popular. Since the creation of the shoe in 1949, Adidas has become well-known as a soccer-brand based in Berlin, Germany. It wasn’t until the late ‘80s that Adidas came to the United States, and became a major trend. There is no denying the impact it has had on American fashion. 

The ‘80s were known for being a decade of innovation; sports heavily influenced culture and fashion, bringing on a new wave of technology for shoes. That is exactly what Adidas did for the sneaker industry. Whether you were team Nike or team Jordans, the three classic stripes were an undeniable staple. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, the brand expanded, releasing the popular tracksuits, Adidas Superstar and more. Anything that had the logo, Americans wore it. 

Anything that had the logo, Americans wore it. 

2016 was another successful era for Adidas. One of their most popular shoe – Adidas Superstar – made its mark on the 2010s fashion. No matter how old you were, it appeared that every person owned a pair. The hard-shell toe box and the white backsplash with the accent of the black logo became a classic staple that went along with every outfit.

Now in 2024, Adidas is making a comeback to the fashion world. One of their most popular shoe currently is the Adidas Sambas. The resurgence in popularity of these shoes all started when artist Harry Styles was seen wearing a pair of white and blue Sambas while on tour in Oct. 2023. Model Bella Hadid was also photographed wearing Adidas Sambas, along with her sister, Gigi. 

Perfect for any occassion, these casual and sporty shoes can either be dressed up or worn on an everyday basis. If you’re not into the Sambas, Adidas also has other shoes such as Gazelle and the Campus 00s, both equally as popular. 

When it comes to finding an Adidas sneaker, the options are limitless – with such a diverse range of styles to choose from, it is nearly impossible to find something not to like. Apart from offering timeless classics, Adidas also offers trendy styles, such as platform shoes, that can add an extra boost in height. With this brand, you can rest assured that you’ll find a pair of shoes that fits your personality and style. 

Adidas has truly had a big impact on fashion all around the world. It is great to say that going into 2024, the company is paving the way into trends again and it looks like they’re here to stay. No matter your style, Adidas always has something for you. 

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