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Maria Regan inspires Wakefield with a friendly smile

Katie Spampinato
Maria Regan is a vital member of the school community who works tirelessly at the front desk. She is the first person students, parents, and visitors encounter when they walk through the door, and she greets everyone with a warm smile and a willingness to help.

Several crucial aspects make up a school and how it functions. One part that most tend to overlook are those who work at the front desk. Every morning, students come rushing into the office, asking where they should go, where to find a teacher and how they can reach out to a faculty member. Parents come in to check students out and bring in forgotten lunches. The person behind it all is Maria Regan. 

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run the front desk at Wakefield High School and Regan manages it perfectly. Malik Bazzell is the principal of Wakefield High School and had previously known Regan from her job at Roseville Elementary before welcoming her to Wakefield. 

“I thought that she had exceptional customer service and was very nice to people as they were coming in,” Bazzell said. “When I found out that she was looking to transfer, I gladly took her to Wakefield High School.”

Upon hiring Regan for a new receptionist position at Wakefield, Bazzell has long admired Regan’s knack and kindness for support service. 

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“She does a very good job with the parents, as far as directions [to] them as what to do and where to go,” Bazzell said. 

Jason Lee, commonly known as coach Lee at Wakefield High School, has worked alongside Regan in the front office. Having worked with Regan in the office for years, Lee has gotten to appreciate the hard work Regan does for Wakefield. 

Her smile lights up the front office.

— Burgess

“She’s the gatekeeper, you know?” Lee said. “Every big bad boss has somebody in front of their door that you can’t get by and that’s what [Regan] is.”

Roz Burgess is a senior at Wakefield and is involved in several clubs the school offers. Naturally, Burgess is often found in the front office giving announcements to students about upcoming sports games and new club activities. As Regan handles the intercom, Burgess visits Regan frequently. 

“When you walk into the front office, you feel a sense of [hospitality] by Ms. Regan,” Burgess said. “Her smile lights up the front office.”

There is never a dull moment at Wakefield for Regan. While Regan is monitoring the front desk, she is also talking to parents, keeping an eye on the front of the school, directing students where to go and handling phone calls all at once. To others, a responsibility like this may seem overwhelming, but to Regan, it is just another day. 

“Every day is different; different problems, different solutions,” Regan said. “It’s not boring, it’s fast-paced. The interaction with a lot of people, interaction with the kids- I enjoy that.”

Working the front desk is truly a job like no other. It comes with great responsibility and kindness and Regan can handle it. 

“She’s one of the first people you see when you walk in,” Lee said. “She’s one of the last people you see when you leave. I think her energy, especially towards the parents and towards the kids, can determine how a day goes.”

Regan has gone above and beyond for Wakefield and she continues to do so in many areas such as Drivers Ed. Drivers Ed is run through Jordan Driving School and is a public opportunity for Wakefield High School students to complete classes and earn their driver’s permits. Driver’s Education is split into two parts: classroom and behind the wheel. Regan is one of the staff members at Wakefield who is certified to be a behind-the-wheel teacher for Drivers Ed and has been doing it for four years. 

“I try to get at least ten kids in a month,” Regan said. “I like to see [students] from the first day to the third day. On the first day, they’re nervous and that’s the first thing they tell me: ‘I’m so nervous,’ and I’m like, ‘That’s okay, you should be nervous.’ ”

It’s not boring, it’s fast-paced. The interaction with a lot of people, interaction with the kids- I enjoy that.

— Regan

Regan finds great motivation in hearing back from her former students whom she instructed for Drivers Ed about whether or not they successfully have earned their permits. 

“To see them get so much better and confident and enjoy driving,” Regan said. “I want them to enjoy driving and not be scared and nervous and hate it.”

Through her tireless efforts, Regan not only directs parents and students and answers inquiries but also nurtures a sense of community and support for all who enter the school’s doors.

“She is the soul and lifeblood,” Lee said. “Everybody can be loud, everybody can be bad and mean, but it takes a special person to get the same results [as] being nice.”

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