Dress for success

Hang up the sweatshirts, fold your leggings. It’s time to start dressing better for school.

After four years at Wakefield, I have watched fashion and the school dress code change; from athletic shorts being allowed to everyone suddenly wearing Adidas pants. There is an epidemic of teens dressing too casual at school. No more sweatpants, undersized shorts and athletic leggings. Fashion is a great way to show one’s personality. Dressing up for school helps prepare teens for their future careers.

Dressing up is a great way to make a lasting impression on your peers and teachers. By showing that you are serious about your reputation, you show your teachers that you care. A teacher is more likely to take your issues seriously if you’re not wearing pajama pants, for example.

A common misconception of people who dress nicely at school is that they’re trying to impress others. However, clothes, makeup and shoes boost self-esteem. While wearing comfortable clothes is comfy, it’s not great to study in. Students wearing more formal clothing shows stronger creative thinking skills. Waking up to choose an outfit requires more time and attention to detail. According to a College Raptor article, “Those 15 plus minutes are extra time that your mind and body have to wake up.”

By everyone dressing nicer we can create a more productive vibe at Wakefield”

Dressing for success works! Confidence is key in high school, and wearing the right outfit can be the boost to help peers out. For an example in professions like doctors, athletes, or lawyers, people wear specific clothes to help them look the part. Your appearance can provide insight into how your career’s dress code works. The colors you wear are also essential. The color theory states that different pigments produce different emotions. Purple is the color of luxury, green is natural and healthy and black instills sophistication. It’s nice to think that all throughout life we can wear whatever we want, but this isn’t the case. Most workplaces have a dress code in effect.

Having decency is important for students to respect themselves and their peers. We’ve all been there, you’re walking up the stairs, and unexpectedly a girl’s rear end is in your face because her shorts don’t fit properly. Although sagging is against the dress code, there are still males who do it. Nobody wants to see underpants.

There are those days where putting on your favorite oversized shirts and Birkenstocks just feels right, but not every day. By everyone dressing nicer we can create a more productive vibe at Wakefield. A small change can have a major impact on your appearance. Start spicing up your outfit with a pair of nice jeans. It’s better to dress for the role you want not the role you are.