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Take action now to end detention camps in China

Muslims in some areas of China face brutal conditions.
Erin Sockolof, Opinions Editor December 2, 2020

China is the home of over 11 million Uighur Muslims. Unfortunately, Chinese officials are trying to reduce that number using some very drastic measures. A secret communist party in China recently released...

The bee decline and why you should care

Max Rubino, Staff Writer November 23, 2020

What is a bee? Well, a bee is a flying insect that is similar to wasps and ants. Bees are known for their job in pollination and making honey. The bee colony is separated into three groups in the hive:...

Ten incredible Thanksgiving desserts you need to make

Thinking about what to make for your Thanksgiving finale? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!
Max Rubino, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

I challenge you to not eat all these desserts before dinnertime. I mean sure, Thanksgiving Turkey may look like the star of the show, along with the Thanksgiving side-dishes. No matter how insane your...

Elementary school students trade virtual classroom for in-person instruction

Three elementary school students play outside for recess while social distancing.
Sage Cooley, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 16, 2020

On Sept. 29, the Wake County Board of Education voted that students Pre-K through third grade return to the classroom on a rotating basis beginning Oct. 26. Starting today, these students will attend classes...

No beakers in your room: STEM-related activities to do at home

A collection of STEM-related items that students can think about doing whilst at home.
Alexandra James, Graphics Editor October 21, 2020

As COVID-19 is still going strong, science-related school activities such as Science Olympiad, Science Honor Society and the chance to do fun science experiments in science classes are limited. With students...

Vote for the change you want to see

Clusters of campaign signs for local elections sit on the side of an Early Voting building.
Jordyn Brautman, News Editor October 21, 2020

Voting is a civic responsibility crucial in determining the outcomes of local, state and national elections. Teenagers in today’s society have a powerful voice in the government and hold the potential...

Two retirees look back on their time in education

Wakefield celebrates its 20th anniversary.
Abigail Mosher, Co-Editor-in-Chief June 11, 2020
What inspired you to become a teacher? ​ While still in grad school I subbed for a high school teacher who was out on maternity leave and I absolutely loved it! I knew then I had found my calling.

Howler seniors sign off

Howler seniors sign off
I never could have imagined that high school would end like this. It feels like COVID-19 has left 2020 graduates holding our breaths at the edge of a cliffhanger, asking ourselves and the world, “This is seriously how this ends?”

Former WHS Athletes Give Wisdom to Quarantined Players

Schools attended by the featured college athletes.
Jasanee Killins, Staff Writer May 21, 2020

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, one of its common setbacks has been the recent loss of numerous sports conferences and events. This unprecedented global lockdown has cost many student-athletes,...

Science Olympiad strikes a win at competition

The Science Olympiad team gathers for a photo before their competition
Sienna Stock, News Editor March 11, 2020

Science Olympiad is an organization that promotes 8,000 teams across the US and holds 450 tournaments annually. Wakefield brought home 13 medals with the outcome of its most recent competition. Wakefield’s...

Wrestling team finishes with a 14-7 dual team season

Wakefield's wrestling team shows that it's all about the W.
Allie Chiu, Staff Writer March 4, 2020

Wakefield’s wrestling season came to an end this year with a 14-7 dual team performance.  The team was led by Coach Russell Williams in his fifth year as head coach. Williams reflects on the team’s...

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