Brought together by Spotify Wrapped


Spotify Wrapped came out on November 30th this year. Thanks to it’s newest features, people are brought together by their results.

All year people have been waiting for this moment. It is the beginning of December and Spotify Wrapped has just been released. Whether you listened to over 50 thousand minutes of music the whole year or less, each Spotify listener looks forward to the next release of Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped is an annual campaign where listeners can view an organized summary of what they’ve listened to throughout the year. This music and podcast platform uses your listening data to wrap up your top artists, songs, the number of minutes listened to, and your full genre. 

It gives us a platform to share our favorite artists, bands and songs, and discuss how much we cherish music as a whole. 

According to Spotify, user data has shown that in December 2020, downloads increased by 21% in the first week following the release of Spotify Wrapped, along with 90 million people engaging with the campaign that year. In 2021, Spotify came out with a new Spotify Wrapped feature: personalized audio auras, a visual representation of the person’s musical personality and quizzes about their listening habits. The new features have proven to be successful, with users comparing and contrasting their wrap-ups on various social media platforms. People all around the world seek to get on the app that has been taking the music-listening world by storm. 

When it comes to the results, Spotify has proven to challenge users. If users listen to a particular artist enough, Spotify will show what percentile they are in of viewers. However, if listeners dislike their results, they will be encouraged to broaden their taste in music. Thankfully, Spotify has not made this a difficult task. Spotify creates a series of playlists based on your favorite artists in specific genres, that way, you can listen to new music without the struggle. 

Sadly, not everyone is pleased with their results. Most listeners felt as if their data was outdated, and that their top songs and artists did not correspond with what they were currently listening to.

Music is one of life’s greatest gifts, and each year, Spotify Wrapped gives us new ways to connect with others through music. It gives us a platform to share our favorite artists, bands and songs, and discuss how much we cherish music as a whole. 

With that said, do you feel like this year’s Spotify Wrapped matched you? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!