Five on-budget Halloween treats to make


Staff Graphic by Max Rubino

Have you ever gone to the store and saw that their Halloween baked goods are too expensive? Well, now you can make your own simple ones for friend or family gatherings.

Going trick or treating isn’t the only way for you to get some sweet treats this spooky season. Sure, getting free candy from strangers is pretty cool, but you usually don’t get to choose what kind of candy you get. With this article, you can find some inspiration to help you make your own spooky treats this Halloween season.

Treat 1: Mini Ghost Cakes

Scientists say there is no evidence that ghosts really exist. However, there are plenty of people who think ghosts are real. Some people believe there are different kinds of ghosts ranging from orbs to mist. Here you will find a simple, easy-to-make mini ghost cake. 

Pillsbury White Cake Mix: $1.00

Cookie Cutters and Spatulas: $1.25

Candy Eyes: $3.22

Black Cookie Icing: $3.16

Total: $8.63

Servings: Makes 12-14 cakes 

First things first, unwrap that zebra cake. Then, open the candy eyes and put a little dot of black writing gel on them. Place the eyes onto a part of the cake. If you want to, you can use the gel to make a little ghost mouth. 

Treat 2: Frankenstein Rice Krispies

The creator of Frankenstein was Victor Frankenstein. His green skin, bolts and stitches, staggering height and black and white hair should paint an image of terror. Instead, Frankenstein has become a pop-culture icon. 

Rice Krispy Treats: $5.92

Green Frosting: $1.74

Black Cookie Icing: $3.16

Candy eyes: $3.22

Total: $14.04

Servings: Makes about 12 treats

The first step: Take the Rice Krispy Treats and cover them with the green frosting. Next, use the brown or black frosting to make the Frankenstein hair. Add the candy eyes to the green frosting for the finishing touch. 

Treat 3: Pumpkin Cookies

Everyone knows the Halloween season is not complete without some pumpkin picking or carving. Pumpkins are a staple in the fall season and should be treated with as much praise as all the other monsters. 

Pillsbury Sugar Cookies: $3.68

Orange Cookie Frosting: $3.16

Green Cookie Icing: $3.16

Chocolate Pocky: $1.23

Total: $11.23

Servings: Makes about 24 cookies

Roll out the sugar cookie dough first. Then, use the pumpkin cookie cutter to mold the shape of the cookies. Using the orange cookie icing, you want to fill in the cookie, then use the green cookie icing to make the stems of the pumpkin. 

Treat 4: Halloween Pretzels

Thousands of years ago, the Celts’ calendar year began on November first instead of January first. This date relates to the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed the day before November 1 was the time of year when the spirits of the departed returned and allowed priests to make predictions about the future, especially in regard to future crops and nature. 

Black was a natural choice to represent the temporarily open doors of communication between the dead and the living. Orange is such a familiar hue of fall when leaves exhibit shades of orange and red not typically seen in nature during the rest of the year. Purple is not as frequently used, but it’s still present during the holiday season. The assumption with purple is that it’s a Halloween hue because of its association with all things spiritual and mystical. Let’s make some Halloween Pretzels with features of orange, black and purple. 

Pretzel Rods: $1.25

White Frosting: $1.74

Seasonal Sprinkles: $2.98

Total: $5.97

Servings: Makes about 25 Pretzels

The first thing you want to do is take the pretzel rods and dip them into the white frosting. Then you cover them in Halloween sprinkles. After they are covered in sprinkles, you will put them in the refrigerator or freezer to set. 

Treat 5: Witch Hat Oreos

Something that some people may find hard to believe is that not all witches are bad. With their magical powers and bubbling potions, witches always seem to have something brewing. The name witch comes from the word wicca, which means “wise one.” While a group of witches is called a coven. Grab your ingredients and let’s make a coven of witch hats!

Hershey Kisses: $1.98

Halloween Oreos: $4.28

Orange Cookie Frosting: $1.97

Total: $8.23

Servings: About 31 Cookies

The first thing you want to do is take an Oreo Cookie and use the orange writing gel to make a circle on the Hershey Kiss. Then, place the Hershey kiss in the center of the cookie. 

Now you are on your way to becoming a professional budget baker. Which one of these is your favorite?