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End of an Era: Loveless

Los Angeles, California-based emo pop project Loveless debuted their first EP in 2022. 

Singer and producer Julian Comeau and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail made the band official in March 2020, creating a fan base before any original music was released.

Before they released their EP, the band was very successful on the TikTok media platform. Stranger Things season four brought some music back to light including Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill.” With all the TikTok videos promoting the song, Comeau hopped on the train remaking “Running up that Hill” if it was pop-punk. 

Photo Courtesy of Spotify

After the release of that video, they gained a lot of popularity on the platform. For months after that, the band released punk covers of other artists’ music such as Elley Duhle, Wham!, Alec Benjamin and more. They also released original songs throughout this time period hoping to promote their songs as well.

Unfortunately, most of the views and attraction went to the covers compared to the originals, but they didn’t give up. They continued to promote their original music building up to the release of one of their most popular singles, “Someone Else,” featuring lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens Kellin Quinn. 

Their most popular cover song is “Middle of the Night”, which is featured on their EP “End of an Era”, along with other songs such as “Sorry I’m a Downer,” “Worst Case Scenario,” “Killing Time,” “Running up that Hill” and more. 

The EP sounds like a traditional punk album, but it has covers sprinkled in which makes it different from others. The sounds, effects and tones all bring a homey feel for traditional pop-punk listeners. Nothing about this EP is disappointing, and it’s a great thirty-minute listen to pass some time or get a workout in. 

It’s an amazing EP to help fans understand the history of the group. With the covers mixed in with originals, it’s almost as if they put their TikTok videos on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s an EP for anyone, no matter what genre of music they like. 

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