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The Sea Beast

“I don’t know what the war started. Maybe all that matters is how it ends.”

In history class, students usually learn about how people used to hunt land animals for food, materials and relieving fear of the animals attacking. Almost like how the Great Wall of China is meant to protect China from invaders. However, in this computer-animated adventure film, sailors hunt the beasts of the sea to protect kingdoms and people alike. 

“The Sea Beast” was made for people with imagination and compassion for those around them. The movie starts with the history between the sea beasts and mankind. The beasts are depicted as creatures who wreak havoc on human lives, and hunters track these beasts down before they cause too much damage to the surface.

The movie holds a lot of emotion and creativity throughout the film. It keeps the viewer on their toes, but also lets them predict what happens next. We get to walk with a captain’s son and an orphan girl as they try to convince the world their perceptions of the beasts are all wrong. 

Through blood, sweat and tears we watch the characters of the film agree, disagree, fight and come together in almost two hours of movie material. The movie is featured on Netflix Kids, so unfortunately some viewers will be able to predict the ending as we all know how kids movies end. However, there’s a large amount of plot development in the film to keep viewers of all ages entertained.

The movie does a good job of encouraging children and adults alike to look at everything from all angles before making a decision. I definitely recommend watching this fantastic movie. 

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