The best and worst of fall fashion trends

The best and worst of fall fashion trends

While some may be content to break out the sweatpants and kick back until the warmer months, many take this time to use the heavier layers to their stylish advantages. Personally, though I love all things fall attire, some seem impractical. Many people took quarantine as an opportunity to expand their clothing palette, and social media played a great part in boosting certain looks (ex. The VSCO girl). But, which ones are actually worth it?

Seven- Dr. Martens

Although this brand has a bunch of different clothing pieces, I’m here to discuss the shoes. Known for their durability and variety of styles and colors, Dr. Martens has a good reputation among those looking for a combat-style look. But despite their sleek look for the fall, I think that their price makes them a bit unreasonable, especially because you can get very similar shoes for half the price. The boots can go anywhere from $150 to almost $300, and because of this, I think that they aren’t worth it. There are plenty of just as fashionable look-alikes out there. 



Six- Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks

Similar to Dr. Martens, this brand also has a ton of other merchandise throughout their site and has anything from hats to camping gear. Generally, one of their backpacks is about $115 and is smaller than your typical backpack. Even their mini backpacks go for about $70. They do not provide the elasticity for space, and the shoulder straps can be painful if the contents of the bag are too heavy. I don’t believe that they are worth it for the price, but if you’re looking for a bag that doesn’t have the stereotypical backpack look and you are willing to pay their higher prices, then this could be a valid option. 



Five- Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are nothing new in the fashion department, as they’ve been plaguing birthday presents for years. There are many different designs that you can choose from, and there are even companies where you can create your own design. In all honesty, they aren’t my personal favorite. You can’t wear shoes with them, and they can make your feet really hot. They can be really cute, but regular socks are just as good. 



Four- Plaid Skirts

I love plaid skirts because of their versatility. They always have a carefree, yet sleek look to them. Typically, they are seen more in the autumn months because of their usual color palette, even though they are more suited for the summer because they don’t need to provide much warmth. Unless you wear leggings or tights underneath them, you are likely to be chilly. You can pair these with a colored shirt for a school-girl look, or an oversized sweater for a warmer, laid-back look. 



Three- Beanies

If you’re like me and have very limited hairstyling skills, you probably like anything that can make your hair look good with minimal effort. That’s why I love beanies. I can simply pop a hat on to look a bit more put together. I enjoy how beanies can complement the rest of a look, and/or be statement pieces all on their own. There are different patterns and styles you can choose from, all the while keeping the heat from leaving your body. 




Two- Oversized/Cozy sweaters

Across the board, this trend almost gets a perfect score. They’re warm, comfortable, and can go with nearly all other fall bottoms. There are a bunch of different styles and colors that you can combine, and are a good addition to a warm outfit. The only thing that stops me from giving them a perfect score is the common occurrence of the sleeves getting in the way of daily activities. No one enjoys having to constantly pull their sleeves up when they’re trying to do something, such as washing their hands. Other than that, I love them, especially in the colder locations. It’s important to be warm when the cold wind is biting through all other clothes. 



One- Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans have been around for a long time, but they haven’t lost their popularity. Whether it’s a small hole on the knee or tattered from mid-thigh to the cuffs, people always find fun ways to style them. Depending on the other things you pair with ripped jeans, you can create a variety of styles. Although, depending on the severity of the rips, your legs may be a bit cold. These are always a staple in my closet because of their grunge look that I can pair with many other things, regardless of the day. 



Overall, the fall season brings many opportunities to break out clothing that you don’t typically wear in the warmer months. While there are hundreds of other options and styles out there, these were just some staples that I see frequently throughout these months.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite — or least favorite — fall garments are!