The Voice of Wakefield High School

Zach Bryan

While you have probably heard Zach Bryan’s most famous song “Something in the Orange,” many do not know of Bryan’s extensive discography and background. Bryan is extremely dedicated to his music and the impact that it has on his listeners. With his indie-country vibe, all of his songs are perfect jams to listen to at any time of day. 

In 2022 alone, Bryan has released four albums and countless other singles totaling over 60 new songs just this year, along with going on his American Heartbreak tour through the second half of this year. This goes to show Bryan’s commitment to his craft and it continues to present itself as he maintains an active social media status and engagement with his fans. 

In his most recent album, “American Heartbreak” which is jam-packed with emotional and upbeat songs about love and heartbreak, every piece is a perfect work of art. Bryan has a very emotional and raw tone to his voice as he reflects on his life throughout the years. 

Right now, Bryan has just finished his American Heartbreak tour. Bryan had 48 performances all over the United States, concluding his tour with Red Rocks, Colorado where it was snowing, creating a magical experience for all involved. For a few dates, he was joined by Willie Nelson and Luke Combs to play their music together. 

Bryans’s music is some of the best for driving with the windows down. His beautiful lyrics can not help but make you sing your heart out with every new lyric. While every song is fantastic, some of my personal favorites include, “Sun to Me,” “Starved”, and “Washington Lilacs.” His songs inspire you to not settle for anything less than what makes you happy and to be the best version of yourself, which is a fantastic motto to live your life by. 

His music never fails to make me happy, even if the lyrics occasionally are somber. But Bryan’s beautiful tone and heartfelt lyrics create an amazing listening experience. He has so much music to listen to and is nowhere near the end of his musical career, as he hopes to spread his word and music as far as it can go.

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