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Gemini Rights

Gemini Rights

I listen to this album too much, it’s a bad habit. 

Yeah, this album is addictive. Released on July 15, 2022, Gemini Rights has quickly climbed the charts. While some of his pre-released songs went viral on Tiktok before the whole album debuted, the album’s release only furthered its popularity. 

Steve Lacy, started making music in the late 2010s, though he is said to have been previously making music for years prior. Gemini Rights is his second album containing 10 songs. Each song is different from the last, which is why this album stays interesting and fun to listen to throughout the whole thing. Lacy’s voice is smooth as it blends with the alternative R&B tracks. There are also hints of rock, jazz, and melodic piano that flow through your body the entire time. 

Lacy’s lyric work is also extremely intricate, as each line has a new meaning that is always ready to tell a story for whoever chooses to listen. One of my personal favorites is “Static,” the first track in the album. Lacy sounds as if he’s laying down and just singing about the pure emotions he feels in a relaxed tone. I love listening to his music when I need something with more low-key vibes but something where I’m not prone to dozing off. 

I am also a big fan of “Buttons” due to the drums and the lazy tune in his voice. This song has a very vulnerable side to it, showing his side in a relationship that seemed to head south, describing his feelings of being led on. 

Since this album goes all over the place with the types of songs, the listeners can stay immersed the entire time. And I believe this whole album is a perfect car album, making your trip fly by in a whirl of beautiful lyrics and artistry, so no matter where you are, be sure to give Gemini Rights a listen.

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