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Everything Everywhere All At Once

This movie is rated R and viewer discretion is advised. 

Debuting in theaters on March 25, 2022, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” revolves around a family’s fight to stay connected through alternate universes, and will have your jaw on the floor the entire time. 

While extremely chaotic, this film showcases the broad amount of opportunities that present themselves through life, and how the little choices a person makes can alter their lives. “Everything Everywhere All At Once” was made to portray how, in the end, nothing matters. 

The leading actress, Stephanie Hsu, played the role of the daughter Jobu. Her mother Evelyn was played by Michelle Yeoh. Their relationship throughout the movie was so well-developed and their story was extremely strong. The ending made me extremely emotional and it was highly eye-opening to see how families often struggle to connect when differences become obstacles. 

My favorite scene was easily any of the scenes with Jamie Lee Curtis, who played an intimidating IRS inspector. I also loved the rock scene, another portion meant to further the overarching theme of nothing matters. 

While this movie admittedly constantly has you a tad confused until about an hour in, it all ties together the longer you watch. This movie has you leaving the theatre thinking, “what in the world did I just watch?” 

This movie is currently available on Paramount, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and Fubo. If you like parallel universes, bagels, and laundromats, this movie is the one for you.

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